Certification and traceability

The Alliance offers two certifications dedicated to flax-linen, European Flax™ and Masters of Linen™ guaranteeing the origin of the fibre and its traceability along the value chain. An asset for companies and brands aiming to achieve a sustainable transformation.

European linen certifications

Traceability: a challenge for the textile industry

Driven by societal expectations, the climate crisis, and regulations, supply chain traceability is an important prerequisite for the sustainable transformation of brands and distributors. Today, compliance, transparency, and responsible sourcing are proving a clear challenge for the textile sector.

Certifications in the European flax-linen industry: the response to the traceability challenge

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The European flax industry -through the Alliance- has anticipated these challenges and addresses the need to trace the origin of the raw material and the production process through its certifications dedicated to flax : European Flax™ and Masters of Linen™, two genuine agro-industrial brands.

These certifications provide guarantees of origin and traceability as well as an assurance of environmental and social responsibility. They rely on specific, evidence-based arguments that can also be used as marketing channels by companies that obtain them.

For brands that rely on value chains certified using one of these two certifications, the Alliance has developed marketing support services (content, trainings, merchandising, the flax-linen field trips, etc.) to promote the marketing of certifications and to have a leverage effect on sales of certified flax-linen products. A convergence between the brand's DNA storytelling and our story proving.

European Flax™ has become the must-have passport to premium European flax fibre, while Masters of Linen™ supports a sustainable European textile dynamic.

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