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The Alliance is working to increase the international visibility of European Flax™. We offer on-demand support with marketing, certifications and CSR to fashion and lifestyle brands that already have linen in the collection or want to expand their offer.

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What we can offer

The Alliance offers its services to business professionals in textiles, fashion, decoration and design.

Through to its experience in CSR, marketing and economics along the flax value chain, the Alliance can provide brands with a variety of services, some of which can be personalised. Brands can benefit from a variety of partnerships (culture, retail, etc.), access to trade shows and other special events.

Events, training sessions, support and other services set up by the Alliance are free of charge and intended for:

  • Brands that are already certified and have a support framework designed for increasing product visibility.
    On the agenda: participation in relevant events, co-creating personalised content with the Alliance for communication and marketing campaigns, traceability support for their products, etc.


  • Non-certified brands that could benefit from the Alliance’s training sessions. Brands can choose an online or in person training session at your office, intended for CSR and marketing teams.

Special Brands:
Discover the Alliance's new European Workshops. A new concept aimed at heads of CSR, Innovation, or Style departments within fashion and lifestyle brands. For further information, read our dedicated news on the topic.

Training sessions

Training courses are aimed at two types of audience:

  • Some programmes are designed to deepen the knowledge of players from brands that have already entered one of the Alliance's certifications (whether European Flax™ or Master of Linen™).
  • Other courses offer an introduction only for brands launching linen collections. This could be, for example, retailers wanting to acquire a better command of linen.

As well as learning about flax-linen (qualities, transformation processes, etc.), the course familiarises participants (professionals) with the tools and methods of traceability and promotion of this material through its two certifications, European Flax™ and Masters of Linen™.

The Alliance's support also involves help with sourcing and access to various open source information media, necessary for inspiration, creation, innovation and development.

These training courses, only for profesionals, provide an opportunity to learn more about the linen sector and to understand the benefits of certification as a means of differentiating the sales of linen collections.

Learn more about training sessions provided by Alliance

Retail campaigns

Lin inspire créativité mode copyright Alliance N. Kiaïe

Alongside its goal of promoting European linen, the Love Linen retail campaign (formerly I Love Linen) allows fashion and lifestyle brands as well as partner brands to position themselves using different communication channels. This is also an opportunity for them to increase brand visibility with end consumers. To help them achieve this, the Alliance becomes their partner for personalised events, sourcing and traceability support, training, storytelling, general and digital communication.
The Alliance also helps inform various players about the benefits of textile certifications in order to meet their expectations and guide them in building their linen storytelling.

Sourcing materials at the Linen Dream Lab

The Linen Dream Lab will take you on an unprecedented visual and sensory adventure.

The Alliance regularly holds meetings in this unique showroom in the heart of Paris. The Linen Dream Lab is a space dedicated to creativity as well as textile and technical innovations. On site, the Alliance hosts meetings for professionals in fashion and decoration.

About a hundred professionals visit the Lab every year, including journalists, brands and Alliance members, not to mention trendsetters and influencers.

Linen Dream Lab the key to successful linen sourcing copyright Alliance P. Sagnes

A digital version of the Linen Dream Lab is also available.

Every season, the Alliance’s Innovation Book completes the sourcing selection by highlighting examples of creative innovations by its member weavers and scutchers, organised by theme.

Trade shows

Le stand de l'Alliance à Première Vision

The Alliance participates in the main international trade shows in textile, fashion, design and technical applications throughout the year:

  • Première Vision (France)
  • Milano Unica (Italy)
    Find out more about the new Alliance stand at Première Vision and Milano Unica
  • Filo (Italy)
  • Proposte (Italy)
  • Sustainable Angle (United Kingdom)
  • JEC World (France)
  • Les Rendez-Vous de la Matière (France)

The organisation can also provide brands with a presence at events open to the public, allowing it to reach a general audience:

  • Salon international de l’Agriculture
  • Salon du made in France - Mif’Expo

The linen experience

Days in Flax Country will allow brands, trendsetters, journalists and influencers to meet the women and men who grow and process flax. Which is all the more important, since three-quarters of the world’s long fibres* are produced in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

This is a unique and immersive experience designed for discovering the linen value chain, with the number of visits reaching a peak in June and July. However, this experiential program is available year-round.

These activities give flax a voice and an opportunity to interact with international opinion leaders.

Linen Day Paris

Launched in 2021, Linen Day is an immersive and interactive event celebrating the virtuous, innovative and creative properties of European flax. The diverse and inspiring properties of flax have turned it into the fibre of the future, in line with the societal and environmental values of the modern consumer.

The transformative period that we are witnessing today is reinforcing existing trends. There is an underlying shift in consumer attitudes towards conscious consumption; putting greater emphasis on production methods that are respectful to both people and planet. Brands must now rely on a combination of creativity and innovation, CSR and inclusivity to adapt to their communities’ new priorities.

Committed to making the most of this strategic moment, Linen Day Paris is a new event. Two goals were set during its first edition:

  • Leveraging a trend that is already underway
  • Accelerating the sustainable transition in fashion and lifestyle

In this context, European linen, a creative and desirable material, is naturally positioned at the intersection of all of these challenges, the perfect response to consumer expectations. As a zero waste, European-grown fibre with unlimited creative and innovative potential, it is a true source of inspiration for creators and designers.


The Alliance founded two certifications that ensure the traceability of flax fibre grown in Western Europe (European Flax™) and that guarantee that the flax and linen was processed by European businesses in Europe and in Euromed 1 locations (Masters of Linen™).

The Alliance is striving to prove and publicise the remarkable properties of flax and flax-based products and to set up certified traceability supported by the two certifications.

European Flax™ logo
Masters of Linen™ logo

A traceability guarantee for premium quality flax fibre grown in Western Europe. 

Learn more about European Flax™ Certification

A traceability guarantee for flax processed by European businesses in European and Euromed 1 locations.

Learn more about Masters of linen™ Certification

Obtaining the certifications promoted by the Alliance, European Flax™ and Masters of Linen™ increases the attractiveness of brands’ linen products. This is particularly true for consumers interested in greater transparency and more sustainable finished products.

Let’s support one another

If you are a fashion or decor brand interested in expanding the potential of the linen in your collections, we invite you to benefit from our expertise; the Alliance is the perfect partner to support you and help you reach your goal.

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