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Flax-Linen & Hemp

The Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp is the only European agro-industrial organization that serves as a global reference and brings together all players in the European Flax-Linen and Hemp value chain. From field to finished product.

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    Evolution of the European Flax™ standard

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  • The flax industry unveils its new website
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    EDITO : Cultivating inspiration

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  • Zegna men's fashion show SS2024 brown outfit
    copyright Zegna
    • Fashion
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    Zegna's ode to linen at Milan Fashion Week

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  •  Toulon Design Parade 2023

    June 2023: Multi award-winning linen at the Design Parade

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  • Linen is entering our homes
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    Linen: a fabric to beautify your home

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  • Varian wall tiles
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    JEC 2023: flax and hemp fibre composites among its biggest stars

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  • Lin Partie de campagne
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    Partie de campagne, linen at BHV Marais

    In June, European linen has collaborated with BHV Marais into Partie de campagne's event. It's an opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief and to combine the aspirations of new consumers with more sustainable purchases that have less impact on the environment.

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    François Azambourg, Légèretés Manifestes (Manifest Lightnesses) - MAD Paris, 2023

    The designer François Azambourg experiments with new ways of shaping materials and seeks to bring together craft and industry in his creations. As much an inventor as a poet, MAD Paris has highlighted the designer's personality in the Légèretés Manifestes (Manifest Lightnesses) exhibition.

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We guarantee origin and traceability

The Alliance strives to prove and publicize the remarkable properties of flax and its products and to set up certified traceability through 2 certifications.

European Flax™ certification

European Flax™

The European Flax™ certification guarantees the traceability for premium flax fiber grown in Western Europe for all its outlets.
A vegetable fiber from an agriculture that respects the environment, without irrigation* or GMOs.
*Except in exceptional circumstances

Learn more about European Flax™ certification
Masters of linen™ certification

Masters of linen™

The Masters of linen™ certification guarantees the traceability of linen processed by European companies and on European & Euromed 1 sites.
A textile of excellence, local at all stages: from the European Flax™ vegetable fiber, to yarn and fabric.

Learn more about Masters of linen™ certification

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