for European
Flax-Linen & Hemp

The Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp is the only European agro-industrial organization that serves as a global reference and brings together all players in the European Flax-Linen and Hemp value chain. From field to finished product.

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    A life on the ocean waves with flax technical innovations

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  • B. Benmoyal linen outfit
    • Fashion
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    Summer 2024 fashion focus : a highly attractive linen

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  • Linen rug Secrets of linen
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    Linen and design, the key to new applications

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  • Linen is entering our homes
    copyright Bassols

    Linen: a fabric to beautify your home

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  • Eco-design and composite materials
    copyright CultureIn

    Eco-design and composite materials: major movement or an underlying trend?

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  • Linen for outerwear

    Linen, the ideal companion in the outdoors

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  • Stand Alliance Milano Unica Première Vision
    • Linen
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    Première Vision & Milano Unica: an experience "from field to catwalk" and a new stand

    The Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp has revamped its stand, immersing visitors in an immersive experience that will appeal to international fashion and design professionals.

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  • Flax-Linen, the fibre of civilisation(s) - book
    copyright Alliance
    • Linen

    Flax-Linen, the fibre of civilisation(s): the event book that unveils the history of a thousand-year-old textile

    The book, Flax-linen, the fibre of civilisation(s), tells us the story of flax-linen. From agronomy to economics and technology, the story takes us on a journey through time from Neolithic times to the present day. With its sacred nature, this fibre offers us a unique insight into history.

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We guarantee origin and traceability

The Alliance strives to prove and publicize the remarkable properties of flax and its products and to set up certified traceability through 2 certifications.

European Flax™ certification

European Flax™

The European Flax™ certification guarantees the traceability for premium flax fiber grown in Western Europe for all its outlets.
A vegetable fiber from an agriculture that respects the environment, without irrigation* or GMOs.
*Except in exceptional circumstances

Learn more about European Flax™ certification
Masters of linen™ certification

Masters of linen™

The Masters of linen™ certification guarantees the traceability of linen processed by European companies and on European & Euromed 1 sites.
A textile of excellence, local at all stages: from the European Flax™ vegetable fiber, to yarn and fabric.

Learn more about Masters of linen™ certification

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