Linen is the perfect addition to interior design
copyright Pierrick Verny

Linen at home

At home, linen is the perfect addition to interior design! It's ideal for creating bohemian and refined atmospheres throughout the house. From bed linen to cushions and furniture, linen is soft and has numerous properties that make it timeless and suitable for all styles of contemporary interiors.

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Flax-linen markets

30% Home
Interiors, lifestyle, by volume
60% Fashion
All segments, by volume
10% Tech.
Applications & Co-produits, by volume

Linen invites itself into the house

Linen and design, the key to new applications

The Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp is committed to a young generation of designers and supports the most creative projects, revisiting the uses of flax and imagining new applications for this plant fibre which is gradually making its mark in the world of design and decoration.

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