Linen training sessions

The Alliance offers a variety of educational training sessions designed for creative, sales and marketing teams, as well as those working in CSR and R&D at fashion and lifestyle brands and also for design schools. Knowledge shared by trainers who are experts in all things flax and linen.

Discovery training of the virtues of linen
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Support for brands

Flexible and adaptable, flax-linen training sessions are intended for two types of audience:

The aim of some of them is to deepen the knowledge of brand players who already have an Alliance certification (whether European Flax™ or Master of linen™).

Other sessions offer an introduction to the subject for brands launching linen collections who want to deepen their knowledge of flax-linen.

In addition to information about flax-linen (properties, the transformation process, etc.), the course teaches participants about tools and methods for ensuring traceability and promoting this material via two certifications, European Flax™ and Masters of Linen™.

  • European Flax™ : guarantees the quality of flax fibres grown in Western Europe. Its attribution requires an audit of all the manufacturing stages by the independent certifying body (Bureau Veritas).
  • Masters of linen™ : this certification ensures the traceability of fabrics processed in Europe and on Euromed 1 sites. The goal of this certification is to maintain a fabric that is local and plant-based with a commitment to sustainability throughout the production process.

A thorough knowledge of flax-linen, acquired during a training session, provides insight into the extent to which certification of origin can help brands remain innovative, eco-friendly and attractive to consumers. As well as how certifications create significant benefits for businesses interested in offering higher-quality products.

All of the courses are offered free of charge. Fashion and lifestyle brands can offer Alliance training sessions to their employees.

The training courses are suitable for:

  • Sales teams (storytelling training)
  • CSR teams
  • Sourcing teams
  • Product teams
  • Marketing teams (digital tools and social media)

Each training session is intended for a wide audience.

The ability of European flax-linen and hemp to become a global reference for premium and reliable fibres was made possible through the industry’s collective efforts.

The training sessions offered by the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp are flexible and can be arranged according to need.
The Alliance will send expert trainers to your company who will share their knowledge directly with your team.

Linen knowledge can also be shared online using digital support tools.

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Passing flax fibre down to younger generations

Transmitting knowledge about flax-linen to younger generations has always been part of the Alliance’s mission to create a positive momentum within the industry.
There is a growing demand in fashion, architecture and design schools to train new generations about the benefits of flax and linen, the plant fibre of the future.

The training sessions include a presentation with rich imagery and also information on flax growing, properties, use, innovations and the Alliance. The presentation is followed by the presentation of a large selection of fabric samples for clothing, upholstery and composites.

In addition to training sessions for students, the Alliance also establishes partnerships with the most prestigious schools in France (Institut Français de la Mode, CASA 93, Ecole Boulle, ENSCI), Italy (Istituto Marangoni, SDA Bocconi, Politecnico di Milano) The UK (Chelsea College of Art and Design) and Europe.

The goal is to engage students with real projects that provide visibility to future employers.

The linen training curriculum

The curriculum developed by the Alliance offers a program which allows professionals to deepen their knowledge of flax-linen and to learn to promote the virtues of flax fibre.

Subjects covered include:

  • The history and geography of flax-linen: the millennia-old story of this timeless fibre and fabric punctuated by innovations in its development.
  • Linen, a virtuous life cycle: a beneficial crop and transformation process that is respectful of people and the planet and shows why it is important to develop and promote flax-linen.
  • The remarkable properties of linen: a textile that is both light and crisp with good insulation properties and a variety of advantages that allow it to be used in fashion, decoration and many other sectors.
  • Linen and the future: traceability tools that ensure a more robust and high-quality fabric, that respond to the concerns of the modern consumer.
  • Followed by time for discussion, which includes a Q&A session with the trainer
  • Exploring the fabric library for sessions at the Linen Dream Lab, Paris

Each of the training session is followed by time for discussion, which includes a Q&A session with the trainer and exploring the fabric library for sessions at the Linen Dream Lab, Paris.

Duration of a linen training

The linen training sessions are custom-designed and last 1 to 2 hours.
They can take place online or at your office or at the Linen Dream Lab, the Alliance’s physical showroom in Paris.
Up to 15 people can attend the on-site course.

Interested in a training session?

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