The social responsibility of the flax industry

Flax growing and processing support the local agricultural economy and industry, as farms and businesses require qualified local labour and a greater number of workers than other crops or fibres.

European Flax™ and Masters of Linen™ certifications CSR

Jobs: an important and highly localised benefit of European flax

Western Europe accounts for three-quarters of global scutched flax fibre production, and France is the world leader. The European industry, comprising flax growers and scutchers supplying European Flax™ fibre to spinners, weavers and knitters who are certified Masters of Linen™, comply with the requirements of the International Labour Office. This is reassuring for brands and consumers concerned about the rights of workers and working conditions.

Responsabilité sociale de la filière du lin copyright Alliance P. Sagnes

Today, the industry’s forward momentum, exemplified by new scutching production units and the sector’s reindustrialisation, goes hand in hand with a strong commitment to conserving and transmitting its expertise. It now faces the challenge of training new generations of employees for each of the flax trades, while also meeting consumer expectations that favour localised value chains.