Linen is making a name for itself in fashion
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Linen in Fashion

Linen is making a name for itself on fashion designers’ catwalk as well as in desirable brands’ collections. Linen models are part of a timeless wardrobe that we enjoy wearing, whatever the season! Discover the linen creations that will inspire you.

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Flax-linen markets

60% Fashion
All segments, by volume
30% Home
Interiors, lifestyle, by volume
10% Tech.
Application & co-products, by volume

Fashion takes over linen

The creativity of Linen, to be discovered during the Cap à l'Ouest operation at BHV Marais

The Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp invites fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts to come and discover the world of European Flax-Linen through the Love Linen programme during the Cap à l'Ouest event at the famous BHV Marais department store in Paris, from 18th May to 23rd June 2024.

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  • B. Benmoyal linen outfit

    Summer 2024 fashion focus : a highly attractive linen

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  • Flax strategy in Italy via the Alliance

    A new scheme for Italy

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  • Igor Dieryck Flax-Linen Talent Hyeres Festival

    Flax-Linen stands out at the Hyères Festival with Igor Dieryck and his three Fashion Prizes

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  • Linen and fashion, a long love story

  • European Flax-Linen at BHV Marais
    BHV Marais

    European Flax-Linen is at the heart of BHV Marais' values

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  • Linen for outerwear

    Linen, the ideal companion in the outdoors

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