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The Alliance responds to the ambitions of the European flax industry to meet growing consumer demand for traceability, environmental responsibility and local sourcing. And it supports brands through the Love Linen campaign

Love Linen retail campaign marketing packages for brands
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Love Linen: a campaign for brands and retailers

Led by the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp, the Love Linen retail campaign has been hugely a rewarding experience for participating fashion and lifestyle brands as well as corporate partners since its launch in 2016. Since this first campaign, the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp has been promoting European flax through a tailor-made, multichannel marketing campaign that involves events, sourcing and traceability support, training programmes, storytelling, useful language and digital communication.

The first stage of the Love Linen retail campaign (originally called I Love Linen) focused on increasing and enhancing the visibility of European flax and linen among brands and corporate partners. In order to raise awareness of the benefits of the European Flax™ and Masters of Linen™, generic content such as press kits and visual elements (patent-free images and film) were offered in addition to support with devising the language for promoting flax and linen. Whereas the initial promotional campaigns for European flax and linen prioritised and mainly focused on areas of France, Italy and the UK, the short-term goal is to establish new partnerships with other European brands by becoming increasingly international.

Societal changes coupled with a growing awareness of environmental impact and new developments in traceability have accentuated the need for brand compliance along the production chain. Today, the textile industry faces the need for responsible sourcing and transparency. This is why the Alliance is committed to working in close collaboration with communication, marketing and CSR teams within companies.

Together, they co-construct the contents of their campaigns by focusing on demand for transparency among consumers, who are interested in where their products come from and how they are made. These campaigns help meet growing consumer demand for natural materials and also satisfy their strong interest in flax fibre.

With increasing impact, the Love Linen retail campaign has become, after its creation, a way for participating brands and retailers to increase sales. With the support of the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp, they have been able to send a clear and convincing message about the European flax agro-industrial sector.

The retail campaign and brands

On the strength of these campaigns and collaborations, the Alliance aims to become the interlocutor of choice for brands aware of social and environmental issues.
This is why the organisation has established partnerships with European and international brands.

Hast costume en lin copyright Hast


Retail campaign and traceability

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The menswear brand Hast is one of the numerous Love Line campaign’s brand partners.

Since 2021, the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp has been working closely with the brand, which adheres to the “less is more” philosophy, on product design. Hast’s interest in offering exceptional clothing made only of natural fibres or recycled products is a natural extension of its work with the Alliance.

As part of the Love Linen retail campaign, Hast is piloting a large traceability project to map out in detail the origin and production stages for each fibre used in its linen clothing. This is also an opportunity for the brand to take consumers to the heart of the Hauts de France region to explore a flax scutching cooperative.

Lucas Faloni

Italian know-how

The Italian fashion brand Lucas Faloni and the group Albini specialise in the weaving and manufacturing of elegant and timeless textile products (insérer lien vers la page Le lin dans la mode). Both of these industry players are creating high-end designs made of linen and luxurious materials.

Marc O’Polo x Galeries Lafayette

A partnership 100% Masters of Linen™

Fashion partnership centred on the new Marc O’Polo capsule collection: 100% Masters of Linen™ with/

  • 100m2 pop-up store promoting the new women’s and men’s 100% linen collection
  • An impactful scenography inspired by “urban nature”, displaying the key elements related to flax and linen
  • Support with language around CSR - linen storytelling Inputs for filming an industry video and content creation for the website
Love Linen Le Jacquard Français copyright Le Jacquard Français

Le Jacquard Français

Brand specialised in table linen

Le Jacquard Français is a member of the Alliance. Le Jacquard Français is sold around the world, including in the US, UK and Japan through a network of well-established partners.
For many years, the Alliance has been supporting the company with

  • Merchandising support to create an in-store flax-linen experience by using the material in all three of the brand’s points of sale in Paris (in the 1st, 3rd and 6th arrondissements).
  • A training programme for sales and production teams.
  • Providing visual content, photos and videos, for social media.
Lin certifié European Flax copyright Crate & Barrel

Crate and Barrel

An American lifestyle brand

With a network of over 100 directly operated points of sale in the US and Canada and franchises in Europe.
Support focused on promoting the European Flax™ certification for its bed linen collections with:

  • Training on the proper use of flax-linen language
  • Support on how to promote the European Flax™ certified products
Accessoires de décoration du linge Nobodinoz copyright Nobodinoz


A design-oriented children’s fashion brand

With over 60 points of sale around the world.
Support of the brand during the launch of its 2022 linen campaign

  • Linen merchandising for flagship points of sale
  • Creation of online communication tools
  • Support writing press releases

Samaritaine Paris

Owned by the LVMH Group, world leader in the Luxury goods industry

A 20,000-square-meter store, which unites the best of fashion design, accessories, and beauty in the heart of Paris.

  • A flax-linen scenography : 3 shop windows and 1 staging (42 km of combed, scutched & roped flax)
  • Creation of the pop up LOVE LINEN : immersive and educational space
  • Linen in Fashion happening (Indoor) : 4 dance performances
  • Urban linen happening (Outdoor) : 3 sproting performances (skate, BMX, breakdance

BHV Marais

A lifestyle and creative store

BHV Marais is an inspiring place to live, positioned as a "Beau Bazar de Passionnés", offering a creative and responsible selection of home, decoration, DIY, design, leisure, fashion, beauty and catering product.

"Jardinons" operation

  • Department stores' support for the "Jardinons" campaign
  • Creation of a field of flax to green the Rue de Rivoli
  • Window displays in linen colors
  • Installation of J'aime le lin fashion & lifestyle pop-ups

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