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  • 05 July 2024
    • Press release

    European Flax-Linen wins two awards at Design Parade Toulon 2024

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  • 20 June 2024
    • Press folder

    European Flax-Linen showcases the creative energies of the Design Parade 2024 finalists

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  • 17 June 2024
    • Press release

    Certified European Flax™ and Masters of Linen™ at the core of Future Fabrics Expo in London

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  • 25 April 2024
    • Press release

    The textile excellence of the European Flax-Linen weavers at Proposte fair

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  • 17 April 2024
    • Press release

    European Flax-Linen, a creative, desirable and responsible material is at the fore of the Cap à l'Ouest event at the BHV Marais department store

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About Us - Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp

The Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp is the only European agro-industrial organization that serves as a global reference and brings together all players in the European Flax-Linen and Hemp value chain.

The Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp has a three-fold mission of informing members, brands, and consumers, supporting the European ecosystem and European expertise, and promoting European Flax-Linen and Hemp as the preferred sustainable premium fibers worldwide. It connects 10,000 businesses in 16 European countries and bases its work on the values of solidarity, innovation, scientific validation, and respect for people and planet.

It strives to increase the international visibility of European Flax-Linen and Hemp, whose technical and environmental properties inspire global creation and open up new opportunities for industrial innovation. It guarantees the traceability of Flax fiber thanks to the European Flax™ and Masters of Linen™ certifications.

The Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp is the new name of the CELC, an association founded in 1951. Western Europe is the number one Flax-producing region in the world (France, Belgium, and the Netherlands account for 3/4 of world production).

Alliance reference documents:

Alliance Flyer - EN

Alliance corporate booklet - EN