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    Ready to use, the impregnated fibre bundle test (IFBT)

    Alliance for European Flax-linen and Hemp


    This impregnated fibre bundle test (IFBT) is ready to be applied to dyed and combed flax and hemp fibres, as well as to impregnated yarns. Discover...

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    Flax-Linen comfort and performance study - 2014

    Cetelor Laboratoire Université de Lorraine


    Performed in 2014 by the CETELOR laboratory, the ‘Linen, Comfort and Performance’ study highlights linen's performance in terms of ventilation and...

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    The Flax-Linen movie, a living material full of promise (part 1)

    Alliance for European Flax-linen and Hemp


    European Flax-Linen is a favourite with designers, brands and the general public, and is playing an increasingly important role in fashion, home...

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