Linen: a fabric to beautify your home

Discover how linen is inviting itself into our homes to create an atmosphere that is both warm and elegant. The Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp is highlighting the modernity of this natural plant fibre and its multiple uses to take your interior decor to a new level.

Linen is entering our homes
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Linen bedding: softness and comfort for a peaceful night

Linen in the bedroom can create a feeling of well-being and softness for both adults and children. The ideal space for rest and relaxation, choosing bed linen made of linen creates a chic and cosy atmosphere. Linen sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases offer optimal comfort thanks to their temperature regulating abilities.

Moreover, linen is known for its ability to improve sleep quality. For bedrooms for adults, we recommend plain, elegant colours, whereas children’s bedrooms can be spruced up with lively and fun colourways. The natural texture of linen gives it a touch of charm, whereas its softness guarantees optimal comfort. Think of using your linen bed sets together with accessories such as throws or pillows to create harmonious arrangements inside your home.

Linen bed linens also have the advantage of being easy to care for and of becoming softer over time and with every wash, for increasingly peaceful and pleasant nights.

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Windows dressed in linen: beautifying light and space

Linen curtains and blinds add a touch of elegance and refinement to interiors. Linen is a versatile fabric that can be adapted to various decorative styles, whether minimalist, bohemian, rustic or cosy. Windows draped in linen create a welcoming atmosphere while maintaining a room’s intimacy and brightness. This is why linen adorns our windows, where it adds a unique character to your home. The natural way in which linen curtains fall and their relaxed texture add a touch of elegance and lightness to the room.

Increase the chic: try playing with the transparencies and thicker layers to create an interplay of light and shadow that will enhance your space. Linen is also a durable material that guarantees a long lifespan for your curtains.

For the minimalists among you, linen offers a simplicity and refinement that will fit your style, whereas for fans of bohemian decor, you can use linen to create matching cushions.

Linen cushions: the colourful touch that makes the difference

Linen covered cushions, whether they are solid, checked, patterned or contemporary, can bring a note of fun and personality to your interior. Linen cushion covers are a simple and effective way to decorate your interior and add a touch of additional comfort.
Whether coloured, modern, or patterned, they can be used in an unlimited number of styles and can be adapted to every taste. Linen has the remarkable ability to take on deep colours, helping create the atmosphere desired depending on the mood or season. For example, you can opt for cushions with complementary colours and switch up the patterns for a harmonious effect or a dynamic touch.

In addition to offering a unique aesthetic, linen cushions covers are also known for their comfort. Their soft texture and a relaxed vibe create a calm and cosy effect, perfect for relaxing after a long day. They are also well-suited to temperature regulation, as linen helps you remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter for optimal comfort during every season.
Linen cushions can be used to elevate different rooms of the house, such as the living room, bedroom, or even outside spaces. They are perfect for decorating a sofa, bed, or armchair, and can be used to create a welcoming reading corner or a convivial atmosphere during evenings with friends.

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Linen sofas and armchairs: an alliance of style and comfort

The timeless charm of linen-upholstered seating creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, while also offering natural and refined elegance. Linen couches and chairs invite one to relax and to chat, transforming each space into a safe harbour of peace and conviviality.

Linen is a noble and versatile fabric, which lends itself perfectly to covering couches and armchairs in a variety of styles. From the sleek contemporary design to classic chic via bohemian style and vintage, linen can be adapted to any trend to satisfy your decorative taste. The main appeal of linen-covered sofas and armchairs consists in their ability to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, while maintaining a pleasing and refined appearance.

There are numerous advantages to choosing furniture with linen upholstery. Linen is a natural fabric, which is strong and extremely durable, making it an ideal choice for living room furniture. It also has temperature regulating properties, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter, for optimal comfort year-round.

Among the notable designer creations, the linen couch by Paola Navone stands out with its unique and innovative style. This couch, characterised by clean lines and noble materials, has helped make linen indispensable in the world of design and interior decoration.

Linen tablecloths and napkins: elegance and conviviality incarnate

Whether for a carefully laid table in the dining room or for a more informal meal in the kitchen, linen tablecloths and napkins are the ideal companions to create a warm and refined atmosphere. Linen tablecloths, which come in a variety of colours and patterns, instantly give a unique character to your table.

Whether you choose neutral or sober shades for your tablecloth or a bolder, more colourful design, linen can adapt to any style and occasion. As for linen napkins, they will add an extra note of refinement to your setting, inviting your guests to enjoy the delicacies you have prepared. The natural properties of linen, including its durability and ability to improve its appearance over time, make it the perfect choice for your tabletop.

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Linen tea towels, a practical and elegant accessory for your kitchen

Indispensable in the modern kitchen for drying dishes, hands and kitchen utensils, linen tea towels are essential allies for maintaining impeccable hygiene and a clean working environment.

However, linen kitchen towels offer more than functionality. They can be elegantly displayed in your kitchen and give a touch of rustic charm to your space.

Linen tea towels also have unparalleled technical properties. Linen is known for its breathability, which allows it to dry quickly due to its air permeability. It is also stain and odour resistant.