Flax-Linen wins over finalists of the 38th International Festival of Fashion, Photography, and Accessories in Hyères

11 October 2023

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As both a hub of cultural life and a centre for contemporary art, the Hyères Festival annually transforms Villa Noailles into the stage for fashion, accessories, and photography. It's a space where young creativity competes for the highest levels of innovation and draws inspiration from flax-linen.

Fengyuan Dai finalist festival of Hyères 2023

The Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp is supporting emerging fashion designers at the 38th International Festival of Fashion, Photography, and Accessories in Hyères. As a partner of Villa Noailles since 2012, the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp reaffirms its commitment to nurturing young talent. This European organisation, now an official partner of the Première Vision Jury Grand Prize for Fashion, will be even more engaged in 2022.

Flax-Linen: A Pure Source of Inspiration for Tomorrow's Designers

Launched as a three-year partnership between the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp and the International Festival of Fashion, Photography, and Accessories in Hyères, this initiative aims to provide finalists in fashion and accessories competitions easier access to textile and technical innovations in European flax. This collaboration also offers support for sourcing materials, with linen fabrics provided to help complete their collections.

The winner of the Grand Prix du Jury Première Vision for fashion also receives a supply of raw materials made from European Flax and support for creating future collections, including the one to be presented at the 2024 edition of the festival.

Designers at the Festival:

This year, the interaction between Flax-Linen and young designers proves exceptionally productive. The 2023 edition showcases no fewer than 6 emerging fashion designers and 4 accessory designers.
The enthusiasm of these young designers for European Flax is testament to the European Flax™ Certified Flax's ability to meet the demands of these budding talents in their quest for creative rejuvenation, innovation, and sustainability. Flax-Linen fabrics have inspired them due to their wide range of applications and unexpected technical and aesthetic features. Each of them has made Flax-Linen their own realm of expression.

1. Fengyuan Dai (France) "Équi-Libre" :
Fengyuan Dai, a young designer who graduated in fashion design in France, presents the 'Équi-Libre' collection at the festival. This collection reflects his journey bridging two cultures, merging traditional Chinese codes with Western lifestyles. Using Flax-Linen, he explored various creative techniques, crafting pieces that strike a balance between raw and refined. He collaborated with six members of the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp, creating unique clothing and accessories using Irish, French, Lithuanian, and Austrian flax, along with recycled materials, showcasing his commitment to creativity and eco-responsibility.
Alliance Member Collaboration: John England, Safilin, Siulas, Echotehnilin, Vieböch Leinen, J. Toulemonde

2. Igor Dieryck (Belgium) - "Yessir" :
Igor Dieryck, originally from Belgium, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, presents the 'Yessir' collection for both men and women. Inspired by hotel uniforms and the ambiance of cosmopolitan lobbies, he reimagines classic clothing with experimental constructions and a contemporary aesthetic, often laced with a touch of surreal humour.
He celebrates his Belgian identity by collaborating with local partners, particularly Flax-Linen, an eco-responsible material.
Alliance Member Collaboration: Libeco

3. Alec Rhys Bizby (UK) - "Dwi Yma" :
Alec Rhys Bizby, a graduate of the London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins School in London, presents his 'Dwi Yma' collection, paying tribute to his Welsh origins. He prioritises eco-friendly and local materials, even reusing some of his student work. Alec Rhys Bizby has developed a Flax-Linen reinterpretation of a traditional Welsh blanket that symbolises the reassuring, indestructible ties with his family.
Alliance Member Collaboration: John England

4. Jung Eun Lee (South Korea) - "You Wear The Most Beautiful Animal In The World" :
A graduate of Ewha Women's University in Seoul and the Weißensee School of Art in Berlin, this designer rethinks conceptual menswear to make it gender-neutral. For this, eco-responsible materials, especially Flax-Linen, are favoured to create sustainable and sophisticated clothing. She collaborates with two linen weavers to design her collection.
Alliance Member Collaboration: Riopele, Libeco

5. Bo Kwon Min (South Korea) - "A Poem: City :
A graduate in fashion design from Kookmin University in Seoul, designer Bo Kwon Min envisions a poetic collection inspired by 'urbanity'. Thanks to the partnership with the Alliance of European Flax and Hemp, he discovered Flax, a material that he transformed into an almost mineral state for his creations. The designer collaborated with Spanish and Italian weavers for his collection.
Collaboration membres Alliance : Folgarolas, Lineaesse Tessuti

Bo Kwon Min Lin au Festival d'Hyères

6. Marc Sanz Pey (Spain) - "Sol Fleet" :
A graduate of the Barcelona IED, the designer Marc Sanz Pey is dedicated to eco-responsibility in fashion. His 'SOL FLEET' collection draws inspiration from Ibiza and its history linked to the 1960s hippies. He utilised flax from various European weavers to create eco-responsible pieces. He now aims to integrate Flax-Linen into the identity of his future brand.
Alliance Member Collaboration: Mileta, Northern Linen, Texmoda Tessuti

7. Mathilde Hiron
(France) - "Gems" (Collection de sacs) :
A graduate of the Ecole Duperré, Mathilde Hiron offers a collection of textile bags called 'GEMS'. Each piece is unique and made from materials reclaimed from fashion houses. She collaborated with the Italian Iafil to create two bags
CAlliance Member Collaboration: Iafil, John England, Decoster, J. Toulemonde

yeonghyeon kim flax-linen dentelle solstiss

8. Yeonghyeon Kim (South Korea) – "Delusion" (Collection D'accessoires) :
A graduate of Kookmin University in Seoul, Yeonghyeon Kim presents a collection of body ornaments inspired by Stockholm syndrome. It incorporates a black Flax-Linen lace provided by the French lace maker Solstiss to add a sensual dimension to its creations.
Alliance Member Collaboration: Solstiss.

9. Victor Salinier (France) - "Katie" (Collection de maroquinerie)
Victor Salinier is a graduate of the Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design in Geneva. He offers a collection of sophisticated and quasi-aerodynamic bags, reimagining the design of accessories while preserving artisanal know-how. He used Flax-Linen to create a bag that is both classic and futuristic.

Christiane Schwanbach Accessoire avec du Lin Festival d'Hyères

10. Christiane Schwambach (Germany) - "Slow Couture" (Collection de sacs) :

Christiane Schwambach creates glass bags using a variety of vintage and recycled elements and ornaments. Thanks to a partnership with the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp, she worked with Flax-Linen to make the inner sleeves of her bags, aligning her collection with eco-responsible values.

L'actualité littéraire de l'Alliance au festival

Outre la création de mode, Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp sera présente au festival pour présenter le nouveau livre,
Flax-Linen, Fibre of Civilisation(s).

Le lin, fibre de civilisation(s).

In addition to fashion design, the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & introduces a new book at the festival, 'Flax-Linen, fibre of civilisation(s)'. Unpublished, like an anthology, this book, co-directed with Alain Camilleri, a consultant and cultural mediator on Flax-Linen, showcases numerous prestigious contributions alongside the expertise of the Alliance. It explores various aspects of Flax-Linen in a comprehensive manner, recounting the story of this plant fibre through its many facets (economic, agricultural, religious, aesthetic, technical, innovative, etc.). For both professionals and the general public.

Le Lin Fibre de Civilisations - Livre copyright Alliance

To conclude, the 38th edition of the International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Accessories of Hyères will honor the famous Villa Noailles, an emblematic place of the Festival which celebrates this year its 100 years this year.

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