Women's fashion, linen must-haves for summer

Micro-shorts or long summer dresses, sandy hues or vibrant colours, ultra-feminine drapery or architectural silhouettes – this season, European linen is finding its place in every wardrobe. Evidence of this can be seen in these iconic pieces from designers advocating for desirable and responsible fashion.

It's no longer just a trend but a significant movement. European linen has become a wardrobe staple, celebrated by designers for its noble qualities and versatility, making it a powerful stimulant for creativity. As the season embraces daring neo-classicism, linen is more adaptable than ever. It brings lightness and femininity to long summer skirts, defines the highly structured lines of a waistcoat or a man's jacket, and can even be adorned with ultra-fashionable eyelets to give a contemporary twist to a little black dress. It appears in its traditional shades of beige and sand, but also enriches the most vibrant palettes - carmine pink, storm grey, or supercharged orange. Linen is also omnipresent in the world of accessories, with lightweight scarves over long evening dresses and rhinestone-studded mini tote bags. European linen perfectly combines respect for the planet with a festive spirit.

Women's fashion: European linen's creativity in the summer collections

Agnes b.

Agnès B, timeless journey

Since the opening of its first boutique in Paris in 1975, Agnès B has been advocating for timeless, responsible fashion that continues to captivate the world. Her collections feature numerous garments in European Flax™ or Masters of Linen™ certified linen, regardless of the season.
Each year, the collection is enriched with new pieces alongside timeless icons – coat dresses, trouser suits, and linen jersey T-shirts in a vast palette of delicate sandy tones and bold colours, from carmine red to azure blue.

This season, we love...
 The Morocco dresses in natural beige linen, perfect for a beach return.

Armor Lux, marine atmosphere

Founded in 1938 in Brittany, this 100% French brand prides itself on local expertise and virtuous materials, adhering to three cardinal values: quality, innovation, and ethics. Increasingly desirable, its collections of sailor clothing are enhanced by pieces in European Flax™ certified linen, such as its pea jackets and fisherman's jackets, creating a chic, casual streetwear vibe.

This season, we love...
The shirt dresses with delicate floral motifs.

Armor Lux
Comptoir des Cotonniers

Comptoir des Cotonniers, sharp look

This French brand appeals to all generations, offering a casual yet elegant wardrobe each season that's easy to wear and mix with timeless favourites and season-defining pieces. Committed to improving the quality of its products and achieving 100% responsible fashion by 2025, the brand is increasingly betting on European Flax™ certified linen.

This season, we love...
 The 100% European Flax Linen™ cigarette trousers, as well as the shorts and suit waistcoat.

Majestic Filatures, ultra-chic T-shirts

With an ambitious concept and perfectly met challenge, this company has turned the T-shirt into a high-fashion item. A firm favourite among fashionistas worldwide, Majestic Filatures garments are both desirable and virtuous, particularly relying on European Flax™ certified linen to enrich their collections of ultra-chic T-shirts and develop a full wardrobe, including dresses, trousers, and jackets. These are now sold globally.

This season, we love...
The perfectly proportioned Linda linen round-neck T-shirt.

Majestic Filatures
Ralph Lauren women's must-have linen dress Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren, casual style

A symbol of luxury made in the USA with its timeless preppy style, Ralph Lauren has been celebrated for decades for its chic, casual wardrobe and iconic pieces such as the famous safari jacket, suits, jackets, and pegged trousers. The brand now offers these in virtuous materials, starting with linen. Expect sumptuous shirt dresses, Vichy-print shirts, and long, ultra-refined pegged shorts.

This season, we love...
The absolute elegance of these long, immaculate white shirtdresses, to be worn in the evening with a host of accessories - ethnic necklaces and creoles, which are the stars of the summer.

Maje, grand soir

Founded in 1998, Maje has quickly gained a loyal following with its elegant, ultra-feminine, intergenerational fashions anchored in seasonal trends. Since 2021, Maje has committed to more sustainable and ethical production with the Dream Now programme, which prioritises European Flax™ certified linen. One of the most popular colours in the Spring/Summer 24 collections is a delicate powder pink, brightening up jackets, shorts, and shirt dresses.

This season, we love...
The open work beaded black dress, perfect for summer parties.

Tara Jarmon

Tara Jarmon, Parisian at heart

Founded in 1986 by Tara Jarmon, the brand is now under the direction of the young and highly talented artistic director Colombe Campana (formerly of & Other Stories), who breathes new life into the label without ever betraying its essence. The result? The ultra-feminine wardrobe of the Parisian is enriched with pencil skirts and wrap dresses that can be worn day or night. Concerned about its environmental impact, the brand chooses eco-responsible, certified materials, such as European Flax™ certified linen.

This season, we love...
 The collection of linen bucket hats, perfect for adding a touch of chic and cool to any outfit.

Vanessa Bruno, soft colours

Since opening her first boutique in Paris in 1998, Franco-Danish designer Vanessa Bruno has attracted a community of women of all generations who swear by her joyful and urban wardrobe. Her collections are largely inspired by the bohemian spirit of the 60s and 70s, reimagined in a contemporary style with more chic and streamlined lines. Alongside her highly desirable clothing range, Vanessa Bruno is also renowned for creating one of the most iconic accessories: the tote bag, offered for several years now in a beautiful palette of European Flax™ certified linen.

This season, we love...
The new harvest of powder pink, azure blue, and slate grey shades, not to mention the iconic tote bags.

Vanessa Bruno

Flax-Linen: the fibre that will revolutionise fashion in 2024

In 2024, linen will be a key trend in spring-summer fashion. Appreciated for its functional and environmental properties, the plant fibre is appealing to younger generations and inspiring designers.
European linen, grown mainly in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, represents a model of authenticity and responsible fashion. This makes it a key material for meeting the challenges of sustainable fashion and the today consumers' expectations.

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