Men's fashion, linen essentials for summer

This season, simplicity is the name of the game. It's time for a men's wardrobe that's supple and relaxed, with a sportswear spirit that designers are embracing through their use of natural materials - especially European Flax™-certified linen, which is featured more than ever in the collections. Here are our 8 favourites.

Men's linen fashion shooting

It's a fundamental trend, and it's growing stronger season after season. More than ever, men's fashion is asserting a chic, relaxed spirit, a wardrobe that is functional without ever being conventional. This summer, the motto is a monochrome palette that defines the style, with shades of beige and sand, lime or forest green, azure or petrol blue, and infinite shades of grey. Jackets are unstructured with dropped shoulders, trousers are wider and more fluid, and shirts are fitted or ultra-wide, with the freedom to play with shapes to create your own silhouette. All of this infuses a desire for comfort, but also for the essentials, with natural, eco-responsible materials, notably European Flax™ certified linen, present in most of the collections. Here's the proof with our selection of cult brands and pieces.

The elegance of linen in summer menswear

agnès b.

Agnès b, timeless masculine

A pioneer in terms of virtuous fashion, agnès b. has been offering an essential and timeless men's wardrobe for 40 years, transcended by pure lines and noble materials, notably European Flax™ certified linen present in all collections, summer and winter alike. We love their chic classics - André linen shirt, perfect trousers... But above all, their art of the suit that is both elegant and ultra-simple, to be worn with a white shirt or T-shirt, sneakers or Chelsea shoes.

We love it for summer 2024:
The Albin suit in beige linen with a tailored jacket and matching Noam trousers.

Armor Lux, maritime spirit

There's no need to introduce this 100% Breton fashion house, which has ennobled the marine wardrobe with its oilskins for seaside or city wear, its shirts with officer collars, its fisherman's jackets and its iconic European linen jackets with contemporary straight cuts, now available in four colours.

We love it for summer 2024:
Marine zipped "vareuse" for the beach.

Armor Lux

Fursac, highly desirable

The historic men's suit brand has been given a new lease of life under the impetus of the house's artistic director, Guillaume Lemiel, who has skilfully twisted timeless designs with perfect lines and a focus on natural materials, particularly European linen. The result is a flawless, ultra-desirable collection.

We love it for summer 2024:
The navy linen jacket, with its perfect fit.

Ralph Lauren, look USA

The star of men's fashion made in the USA has been winning over the world for decades with a chic, casual wardrobe and iconic pieces like the famous polo blazer, striped or workwear shirts, suits, jackets, and pegged trousers, which the brand now offers in eco-friendly materials, starting with European Flax™ certified linen.

We love it for summer 2024:
The cool and chic white linen pin-fly trousers, ideal for a summer evening out.

Ralph Lauren

Monoprix, easy chic

Founded in Rouen in 1932, the brand has always stood by its commitment to sustainable fashion, offering season after season of high-quality, affordable men's sportswear, most of it made in the European Union. This summer, more than ever, the collections feature European Flax™ certified linen, with Bermudas, shirts, straight-cut trousers, and a profusion of ideally cut T-shirts.

We love it for summer 2024:
Mao collar shirts offered in a choice of ten colours.

Uniqlo, wide range

The Japanese brand that revolutionised fashion in the 80s with collections of clothes that claim to be "simple, essential and universal" needs no introduction. It's perfect for creating an effortless wardrobe with elegant basics, enriched each season by collaborations that give the collections a trendy edge, like the recent partnership with English designer Clare Waight Keller. Keen to offer virtuous fashion, the house turns to natural materials and in particular European Flax™ certified linen - wide-leg trousers, T-shirts, and jackets.

We love it for summer 2024:
The collection of 100% premium linen shirts with an various colour palette - parma, storm grey, lime green...


Balibaris, free and fashionable

Founded in 2010 by Paul Szcerba, the house has managed to unite an ultra-faithful community, seduced by the timelessly chic style of the collections, and in particular the suits with perfect tailoring, all made mostly in the European Union and with natural materials, in particular European Flax™certified linen.

We love it for summer 2024:
The iconic Mercer shirt with its French collar and slim fit, available this summer in a new, ultra-vitamin Magolia pink.

Sandro, enhanced creativity

Many of the brand's loyal followers swear by the Sandro style, a sober, chic non-conformism with impeccably cut suits and modernised vintage pieces, all with a very Parisian feel. This summer, Sandro is focusing on certified European Flax™ linen, with perfectly tailored trousers, jackets, and suits.

We love it for summer 2024:
The collection of straight-cut T-shirts, ideal with jeans or under a suit.


Linen fibre to delight men's wardrobes in 2024

Primarily grown in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, European linen accounts for three-quarters of the world's production. It is a model of authenticity and responsible fashion. In 2024, linen is emerging as an essential trend in men's fashion. Praised for its functional and environmental properties, this plant fibre inspires creations in brands and elevates men's style. European linen thus establishes itself as a flagship material in sustainable fashion and the transition to meet the expectations of new consumers.

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