Bed linen: 10 attractive brands in European Flax™ Flax-Linen certified

Linen bed linen regulates the body's temperature. It absorbs and manages moisture and has a positive effect on sleep. Linen is just as pleasant in summer as it is in winter. Discover 10 brands that offer the most desirable collections in certified European Flax™ linen.

10 creative linen bedding brands European Flax™ certified 

We all dream of cool sheets in summer and a warm bed during long winter nights. As an excellent thermal regulator, European linen fulfils all these desires. It also avoids the unpleasant sensation of dampness and is extremely soft, making it the best ally for your nights, as confirmed by the studies Better sleep with Flax-Linen and Flax-Linen comfort and performance study (2014), published by the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp to prove the functional properties of flax fibre. It also prevents unpleasant odours and is incredibly soft, making it the best ally for your nights, as confirmed by various studies. These advantages have made it the material of choice for textile manufacturers, who offer contemporary collections featuring the most harmonious prints and the richest shades.

These advantages have made it the material of choice for home textiles offering contemporary collections in the most harmonious prints and richest shades.

Parure Lin Baralinge Baralinge


This Lyon-based company, which has been producing textiles for four generations, is now one of the leading specialists in European linen bed linen, certified
European Flax™. We love its collections woven with different colours of thread, creating bright mottled or striped fabrics, thanks to the addition of white threads in the weave. The brand's bestseller, the Marius collection, now comes in around thirty colours.

Our favourite designs:
The Jean collection in Chambray washed linen, with a beautiful palette of greys and fine tone-on-tone stripes.

a family tradition

In the heart of the Normandy countryside is located the family farm of Ambrumesnil, where Embrin designs and manufactures its bed linen. A linen producer for several generations, the house has also turned to 100% French textile production and offers bed linen collections in many colours, from flax-linen grown in Normandy and certified European Flax™.

Our favourite designs:
Sets with colours directly inspired by the Normandy landscapes: linen flower, mallard or lime green, storm or mist grey, bark brown or midnight blue.

Embrin, linen bedding Embrin
Leitner, linge de lit en lin Leitner

Leitner Leinen,
print focus

Founded in 1853, this Austrian company offers bed linen made from certified European Flax™, produced entirely in its own weaving mills. Its collections are now sold all over the world and are acclaimed for their exceptional prints. The company also offers the same fabrics, sold by the metre, for bedspreads and cushions.

Our favourite designs:

The Fern collection, with its delicate fern leaves; the Eden collection, with its fantastic drawings of birds of paradise; and the Palazzo collection, which looks like it came out of the frescoes of a Roman palace.

Lapuan Kankurit,
divine nature

Founded in 1917, this Finnish company offers textiles made from certified European Flax™ linen: bed linen in delicate shades, washed linen bathrobes, and embossed washed linen towels (the famous honeycomb). Now under the leadership of Japanese-born designer Elisa Defossez, the Helsinki-based studio is also developing exceptional prints in homage to nature, such as the Hohto collection, inspired by rays of light filtered through foliage.

Our favourite designs:
The USVA collection of sand-coloured sheets and duvet covers, illuminated by pale yellow.

Lapuan Kankurit
Martinelli Ginetto

Martinelli Ginetto,
Italian elegance

Founded in 1891 in the Bergamo region, Martinelli Ginetto started out as a weaving company before diversifying its production. It is now one of Italy's best-known textile houses, renowned for the quality of its bed linen, which is a firm favourite with international hotel groups. Its collections in certified European Flax™ linen offer a very wide range of colours and elegant prints.

Our favourite models:
The I Pronti collection with immaculate whites and incredibly light linens. Another asset of the house, an ultra-complete proposal of household linen (curtains, etc.), ideal for composing the harmony of a style.

contemporary design

The Belgian company Libeco has had a love affair with linen since 1858. Initially a trading company, it soon became a linen weaving mill and today produces a range of certified European Flax™ and Masters of Linen™ creations. Its history and creativity have made it one of the world's favourite bed linen brands. Its multiple collections feature a palette of refined colours-beige, sand, and ultra-luminous grey.

Our favourite designs:
Les collections Salem, Tahoe et Sailor stripes avec de fines rayures qui donnent aux draps et housses de couette un aspect très design. Idéal pour les intérieurs contemporains.


an ode to colour

Since 1990, when their company was founded in the Bordeaux region, Emilie and Lionel Dubos have been reinventing home textiles with contemporary, top-of-the-range, sustainable collections. Promoters of European linen from the outset, the brand offers collections of linen sets and duvet covers in washed linen with the
European Flax™ label. All come in a wide range of colours, up to fifteen for the Viti collection, the brand's best-seller. Other popular products include plaids in dyed woven washed linen (Cuba, Tempo, Paros, or Malibu), perfect as bedspreads.

Our favourite designs:
The fantastic Gold, Burnt Earth, and Prussian Blue colours from the Viti collection. Also, the cosy Tizza plaids in brick or saffron.

sustainable products

Since its creation in 2015, this Lyon-based company—now a company with a mission—has been committed to an environmental and social approach, and has set itself the goal of making a range of essential sleep products accessible, in line with the necessary ecological transition. To achieve this, it favours European linen with the
European Flax™ and Oeko-tex labels. Its washed linen bed linen is available in a dozen colours.

Our favourite designs:
Slate grey, terracotta orange, and forest green, all powerful and luminous.


luxury hotels

One of Europe's oldest manufacturers, specialising in luxury bed linen since 1790. Founded in Barcelona, the brand has become an international benchmark, supplying the most prestigious hotels. Today it offers a wide range of creations, including the Milan bed linen sets, whose traditional weaving skills give each piece a unique character. Another best-seller is the Sowl collection of bed linen and quilts. All these creations are made from washed linen and carry the European Flax™ label.

Our favourite designs:
The brand new Water colour, from the Nouvelle Vague collection, inspired by Nordic design, with very light grey-green reflections that give a sensation of freshness, ideal for summer.

La Redoute,
subtle palette

Born in the north of France over 180 years ago, La Redoute is France's number one e-commerce brand for fashion and homeware. Its offer, which is very extensive in terms of bed linen via the La Redoute Intérieurs certified
European Flax™ and AMPM brands, favours Masters of Linen™ certified European linen. Its collections are enriched with details—fine tone-on-tone stripes, work on finishes—that give the linen a very contemporary signature.

Our favourite designs:
The Elina collection for its wide range of colours with beautiful palettes of greys (pebble, elephant, Icelandic) and blues (Como, Cobalt).

La Redoute Intérieurs

The advantages of linen for bed linen

Concerned about their well-being and the environment, consumers are increasingly choosing linen bed linen, as shown by the Fibre and Linen, helping to transform the fashion and decoration markets study serving the transformation of the fashion and decoration markets. This natural material offers a host of advantages, making it the ideal choice for a good night's sleep and a refined bedroom. Linen is a plant fibre renowned for its ability to regulate temperature. In summer it keeps you cool, while in winter it retains body heat. These unique ventilation and breathability properties ensure moisture is absorbed and managed for unrivalled comfort all year round, preventing night sweats. Linen has a positive influence on sleep, making it an ideal choice for peaceful and rejuvenating nights.
Transform your sleeping space with this noble natural fibre and enjoy benefits it offers every day.

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