Flax-Linen, a real ally for your sleep

Could sleep disorders be the disease of the century? With a third of the French population regularly suffering from insomnia, National Sleep Day on 15 March 2024 is an opportunity to remind people of this fact. It is possible to get back to a peaceful night's sleep by changing your habits, thanks to a few simple gestures. These include using flax-linen for bed linen and nightwear, the unique benefits of which have been confirmed by a recent study by the Cetelor* laboratory.

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Many French individuals report difficulties falling into the arms of Morpheus. A third of them even suffer from insomnia regularly. The recent study, The impact of flax-linen on sleep quality* (2022), commissioned by the Alliance for European Linen & Hemp from Cetelor** - a textile fibre research technology platform attached to the University of Lorraine - on the principles of fabric properties and comfort, highlighted the importance of a fabric's characteristics - and therefore its composition - when it comes to bed linen and clothing.
It also showed that simple gestures, such as using flax-linen for bed and nightwear, can improve sleep quality.

With the comfort provided by its natural fibres, research has shown that flax-linen plays a key role in sleep. Thanks to flax, you can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep by changing a few habits.

Cetelor has analysed publications on all the scientific work dealing with the link between sleep quality and textiles.
The aim of this review is to highlight the main textile parameters that influence sleep quality and to compare them with the performance of flax-linen.
Thanks to the comfort provided by its natural fibres, the study showed that flax-linen occupies a privileged place in the field of sleep. Thanks to flax, it's possible to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep by changing a few habits.

Doctors agree that quality sleep is a key element for good health. However, recent studies confirm that our sleep is deteriorating. One in three French people suffers from insomnia, and the duration of our nights continues to decrease - falling below the 7-hour mark (6 hours and 58 minutes). Faced with these facts, doctors emphasize that medication that medication is not a long-term solution. Their advice? Adopt new habits that will enable you to get back to a peaceful night's sleep more safely and without risk.

Restful sleep within reach

Quality sleep depends on better lifestyle habits (especially physical activity) but also on the adoption of new rituals: having a light dinner, turning off screens an hour before bedtime, prioritizing relaxing activities... Another key piece of advice is to make a bedroom conductive to sleep. Soothing colors, darkness, and silence promote falling asleep, as does a cool and airy bedroom. Indeed, sleep occurs.

when the body temperature slightly decreases. Being too warm can thus slow down the process of falling asleep and cause numerous micro-awakenings during the night. According to experts, the ideal room temperature is 18-19°C, and the atmosphere should be ventilated to allow proper brain oxygenation during the night. Many doctors and medical boards advocate for the use of natural fibres, such as flax-linen, to promote better sleep.

Draps en lin pour un meilleur sommeil - Lapuan Kankurit Lapuan Kankurit

If temperature and ventilation are key elements for restorative sleep, other factors are also decisive, notably the use of flax-linen for bedding and nightwear, as shown by a recent study commissioned by the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp at Cetelor, a laboratory member of the Bast Fibre Authority, the scientific platform created by the Alliance [formerly CELC] for the identification of liberation fibers and for the analysis of product composition.

More peaceful nights with Flax-Linen

Based on various scientific studies confirming the link between textiles and sleep quality, this study compared the performance of flax-linen with various textiles (cotton, viscose, polyester) on all parameters influencing sleep quality: temperature, air circulation, and humidity. Its results unequivocally favour the use of linen, deemed more effective in the overall sum of criteria, as detailed in the study.

Flax-Linen keeps the body at the ideal temperature

As we know, body temperature is a key element for peaceful and continuous sleep. According to the study, flax-linen ranks second (just behind polyester but ahead of viscose and cotton) in terms of thermal resistance - that is, the ability to maintain the body at the ideal temperature for good sleep (‘thermal neutrality’ according to experts). Flax-Linen thus offers a valuable sensation of coolness in hot countries and during summer in temperate regions (but increasingly subject to heatwaves), while retaining enough warmth during cold periods.

When considering sleep quality, the temperature of the bedroom significantly impacts the body's thermoregulation. It's crucial to maintain an optimal level of humidity and temperature to ensure proper regulation, as deviations can disrupt sleep.
Achieving optimal sleep quality entails reaching thermal neutrality, where the body doesn't need to actively regulate its temperature. This occurs when the environment isn't too hot, too cold, or too humid. Perspiration plays a key role in regulating body temperature by expelling excess heat. However, if perspiration is trapped between the skin and fabric, natural thermoregulation is hindered.

Body temperature is widely recognised as a critical factor for peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. According to the study, flax-linen ranks second in thermal resistance (just behind polyester but ahead of viscose and cotton) in terms of thermal resistance - i.e. the ability to maintain the body at the ideal temperature for a good night's sleep ('thermal neutrality' according to the experts)

Flax-Linen strikes a balance between extremes, providing a refreshing sensation throughout the night. It offers valuable coolness, particularly in hot climates and during summer in temperate regions, while still retaining sufficient warmth during colder periods.

Flax regulates the temperature and promotes a healthy atmosphere

A naturally high-performance fibre, European linen offers its proven comfort properties in the laboratory to new generations of second skin textiles, in all seasons.

Moisture control Number one: flax-linen allows its circulation between the bedroom, bedding, and the body. A major benefit, measured according to three parameters:

Linge de lit européen Embrin certifié European Flax™ Embrin
  • Its breathability: allows moisture from sweating to be removed and promotes the body's natural thermoregulation, thus ensuring a dry and temperate atmosphere between the skin and the fabric throughout the night.
  • Its moisture absorption capacity: allows the skin to remain ideally dry. 100% flax-linen textiles absorb liquid immediately by spreading it over a larger surface, which promotes better drying. In all trials conducted for this criterion, linen far outperforms.
  • Its air permeability: also makes it the champion of thermoregulation, thanks to air circulation that allows sweat to be easily removed. With permeability and breathability superior to that of cotton, viscose, and polyester, flax-linen is the textile that allows the best evacuation of body moisture. Once again, a key parameter for quality sleep.

Flax-Linen helps you to sleep better

Combining these factors establishes a 'global comfort index', evaluating different textiles' ability to ensure peaceful sleep.
Unsurprisingly, flax-linen ranks first in terms of comfort in the conclusions of this study.

These results reaffirm a belief shared by consumers, increasingly choosing flax-linen, as testified by Alexis Ménager, founder of the textile brand Embrin. "Our customers' feedback is always positive, including for those who were hesitant to opt for linen, claiming it scratches or wrinkles. Far from these misconceptions, everyone praises its softness, lightness, and aesthetics. Most become unconditional and only buy linen! The market trend is proof of this. 100% linen bedding is experiencing continuous growth, and the public is turning more and more towards European linen, a local, virtuous fibre offering the best quality."
We will remind that these are the characteristics and advantages of certified European Flax™ linen.

Committed to continuous improvement, the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp places innovation at the heart of its actions. To support the validation of the functional properties of European Flax, the Alliance relies on scientific experts to provide reliable and proven data on the functional properties of European linen, which constitute decision-making and development tools for companies.

*CETELOR - Lorraine Textile Testing Centre - Technological platform dedicated to Textile and Clothing companies, a service of the University of Lorraine - Nancy, France.
Main activities of CETELOR:

  • Certified ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory tests
  • Wide range of tests, from fibers to finished products Accreditation 1-2401 (for the scope, consult www.cofrac.fr)
  • Applied R&D on fibrous materials (pilot lines)
  • Fundamental research on fibers and composites.

**Study of 4 representative samples of compositions frequently used for clothing, sports, and household linen: 100% Linen, certified European Flax™ and Masters of Linen™ - 100% PES - 100% Viscose - 100% Cotton. Yarns spun with 4-ring spinning with an equivalent number of yarns were obtained, knitted on the same gauge 18, bleached, and dried with the same protocol.

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As a heat regulator, European linen also prevents dampness, making it an ideal choice for a good night's sleep. The studies Better sleep with Flax-Linen and Flax-Linen comfort and performance study - 2014, published by the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp, prove the functional properties of flax as a plant fibre. Thermoregulation, ventilation and breathability are just some of the unique properties that enable flax-linen to absorb and manage moisture (wick away perspiration) for unrivalled comfort and a rejuvenating night's sleep all year round.
As well as having a positive influence on sleep, linen is also creative, and the brands that use it offer products that are unbelievable in the most refined bedrooms.
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