European flax on show at the Salon de l'Agriculture in Paris

27 February 2024

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For the fifth consecutive year, Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp ensures the visibility and presence of European flax at the 60th edition of the International Agriculture Fair at Porte de Versailles in Paris.

Linen composite objects - SIA 2024

To showcase the breadth of its applications, flax fiber takes pride of place at the International Agriculture Fair through the 5th edition of Agri'Expo within Pavilion 2.2, Crops and Plant Sectors. Set up as a maze, the course allows visitors to discover bio-based materials with interactive product examples.

Agri'Expo 2024 offers fair visitors an immersive experience, making learning enjoyable.

Indeed, at the heart of the space lies a material library offering the opportunity to discover the raw materials used in the production of bio-based products, including flax!

What is a bio-based product?
A bio-based product is a product made partially or entirely from biomass. Biomass consists of materials of biological origin (i.e., derived from living organisms), excluding fossilized materials such as oil or coal (ADEME - Agency for Ecological Transition).

Matériauthèque au Labyrinthe du Biosourcé SIA 2024

An educational tour to discover the European flax

Echantillons tissus Lin Alliance

The Labyrinth offers a real educational tour where one can see and touch flax material: flax seed, flax straw bouquet, flax shive, scutched flax tow, combed flax fiber, flax yarn spools, linen fabrics, flax products and co-products... A whole universe of applications, from the field to finished products. A useful initiative to raise awareness among visitors about the richness of natural resources.

The visitor first learns about the environmental properties of flax: no irrigation from sowing to harvest, renewable resource, zero waste plant, ethical production...

Then, they discover the technical properties of this plant fiber: ventilation and breathability, thermoregulation, absorption, and moisture management, as well as rigidity and lightness or vibration absorption, thermal and acoustic insulation.

Finally, they observe some of the most remarkable applications of flax: a suitcase (La Malle Bernard), a bicycle helmet (Egide), a surfboard (Notox), a guitar (Blackbird El Capitan), a designer box (©P. Nigor for Designer Box), a cup (Mon Gobelet en Lin), a toothbrush (Bioseptyl), a men's outfit consisting of a polo shirt (Monoprix), trousers (Atelier Tuffery), and a jacket (Hast), skis (Salomon) incorporating flax, eyeglass frames (Linotte), or even a tennis racket made of composite flax (Babolat).

Produits finis en Lin - SIA 2024
Monture de lunettes en fibre de lin
Réalisations en fibre composite

The Alliance in pictures at the Salon de l'Agriculture - Area dedicated to Flax-Linen, Labyrinth of bio-based materials

As part of its participation in the bio-based maze, the Alliance answered a few questions to remind us of the characteristics, functional properties and key messages of European flax.

Where is Flax grown for textiles?
Why do we find Flax-Linen in Western Europe?
What are the properties of Flax Fibre?
What can we do with Flax-Linen?

If you have the opportunity to visit "the largest farm in France," don't miss Agri'Expo 2024, an essential event for all agriculture and sustainable development enthusiasts, inviting you to discover, learn, and be inspired. A space where European flax showcases the extent of its applications, being particularly highlighted.

Salon International de l'Agriculture (Agriculture Fair) 2024 - 60th edition, Agri'Expo - Pavilion 2.2, Crops and Plant Sectors.

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