European Flax-Linen is at the heart of BHV Marais' values

The Alliance is a BHV Marais' faithful partner. The organisation works with the department store on immersive projects such as the Linen Pop Up store for the "Cap à l'Ouest" (heading west) campaign. All ways of promoting the functional and environmental properties of this 100% plant-based material.

European Flax-Linen at BHV Marais
BHV Marais

BHV Marais holds a special place in the hearts of Parisians and foreigners alike, offering an authentic glimpse into sincere Parisian culture. Proud of its heritage yet firmly anchored in the contemporary milieu, the store is committed to showcasing the finest in modern design, aligning seamlessly with the expectations of its discerning clientele - a clientele that values respect for both people and the planet. These shared values have fostered a robust partnership between BHV Marais and the Alliance since 2016...

Conversation... with Valérie Chaleyssin
Marketing Director, BHV Marais

Directrice Marketing - BHV Marais

Once again this year, the Alliance joins forces with BHV Marais for its spring campaign, "Cap à l'Ouest." Could you share more details about it?

With this campaign, we embark on a summer journey towards the Western regions of France, destinations beloved by Parisians and our customers. Through this event, we celebrate the traditions of these coastal regions - their landscapes, the salty sea breeze, and a lifestyle marked by creativity, expressed in fashion, tableware, leisure pursuits, and decor... From the 18th of May, our store will undergo a transformation with an immersive scenography enveloping the storefronts, aisles, and even the agora, featuring specially curated products. The Alliance takes center stage as we showcase fashion, decor, and accessories under the linen label. Just around the corner, an immersive pop-up will exalt linen in a stunning setting. Furthermore, our customers will have the opportunity to discover an exclusive mini-capsule crafted by the Alliance and BHV Marais, comprising a fouta and a tote bag fashioned from 100% European Flax™ certified linen - perfect companions for the beach, designed by the BHV design studio.

This collaboration has deep roots. Could you elaborate on your initial venture together?

Our collaboration spans several years, commencing in 2016. During that time, BHV Marais cast a spotlight on linen across various sections of the store, complemented by an extraordinary installation by designer Philippe Nigro, which recreated a genuine linen field. Lanterns woven from linen adorned the rue du Mail, home to numerous fabric manufacturers.

How has this partnership evolved over time?

Since our inaugural collaboration, strong bonds have been forged between the Alliance and BHV Marais. Our teams maintain regular communication, fostering mutual trust that fuels creativity and the execution of impactful initiatives for our clientele. With each endeavor, we aim to captivate and charm while acquainting our community with European linen, from its cultural significance to the products offered in our store.

BHV Marais is actively engaged in promoting European Linen. Is this reflective of shared values with your organisation?

We take pride in spotlighting European linen at BHV Marais, sharing many common values and aiming to raise awareness among our customers regarding the functional and environmental merits of linen. We believe in leveraging the advantages of this natural resource to expedite collective awareness-raising efforts. Moreover, we strive to offer our customers immersive, enjoyable, and educational experiences through collaborations with the Alliance. Among these, the creation of a flax field in front of BHV Marais' windows on rue de Rivoli stands as a testament to our celebration of nature upon the store's reopening after the pandemic in late spring 2020 - an event that left an indelible impression!

Love Linen - Cap à l'Ouest BHV Marais

European Flax-Linen is at the heart of
BHV Marais' values.

Valérie Chaleyssin,
Marketing Director - BHV Marais

Sacs lin Haomy Haomy

Does this celebration encompass both fashion and home decor?

Our objective is to showcase the multifaceted nature of linen. Today, this natural fibre finds applications across a myriad of domains: women's and men's fashion, home textiles, decor, skincare products, and even accessories like bicycle helmets and surfboards! Here, our customers discover that linen manifests in diverse fabrics, courtesy of its unique textile and technical properties - including thermal regulation and durability...

As someone closely observing the evolution of Linen-centric design, have you noticed an uptick in brands/designers opting for this material?

Design trends have undergone significant transformations in recent years. Linen products now feature prominently throughout the year, across a broad spectrum of collections, aligning with a burgeoning preference for natural products.

Can you highlight any new designers or brands embracing Flax-Linen? Whether in fashion or interior design?

In the realm of fashion, Vanessa Bruno readily comes to mind, extensively incorporating linen in her latest collections, alongside brands like Samsoe Samsoe, Isabel Marant, Jerome Dreyfus, Sœur, Iro, and Fursac... Within the home sector, Alexandre Turpault, Harmony, and La Redoute are expanding their offerings with linen-rich bed linens and household textiles. Additionally, linen is making appearances in unexpected decorative items such as hanging baskets and small furniture.

Do you observe a growing consumer interest in European Flax-Linen?

As the quintessential natural fibre, linen perfectly aligns with the expectations of consumers seeking premium, traceable, natural products. The Love Linen campaign, featuring 100% Linen European Flax products, precisely meets the demands of today's discerning clientele, with the label serving as an indispensable assurance. This trend holds particularly true at BHV Marais, where our customers exhibit a keen interest in sustainability and product quality.

Produits European Flax™ - BHV Marais Produits lin - studio BHV Marais

Events like "Cap à l'Ouest" embody the spirit of BHV Marais, fostering strong connections with its community. What other events do you have planned throughout the year? Are there any in collaboration with the Alliance?

We have four key events planned annually, marking the seasons and delivering cross-functional impact. These thematic events provide our customers with an opportunity to embark on a new narrative, discover fresh brands, and immerse themselves in unique experiences through various activities and events. Our customers remain loyal to BHV Marais, just as we remain loyal to partners who share our values and sensibilities. I'm confident that we'll continue crafting new narratives with the Alliance, especially considering the boundless possibilities that linen offers!

"Cap à l'Ouest"
from the 18th of May to the 23rd of June 2024,
BHV Marais, 52 rue de Rivoli 75004 Paris.

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