The creativity of Linen, to be discovered during the Cap à l'Ouest operation at BHV Marais

17 May 2024

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The Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp invites fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts to come and discover the world of European Flax-Linen through the Love Linen programme during the Cap à l'Ouest event at the famous BHV Marais department store in Paris, from 18th May to 23rd June 2024.

Homme portant chemise lin plage normande Alliance - Nouta Kiaïe

A unique Shopping Experience Foccussing on Flax-Linen, a plant fibre

Flax-Linen acts as a source of inspiration for fashion, interior decoration and design. For the
duration of the Cap à l'Ouest event, European Flax-Linen will take over certain sales areas and
windows of the “beautiful bazaar” that is the BHV Marais.

Pop Up:
Surf on creative wave of Flax-Linen

Thanks to the Alliance, customers at the BHV MARAIS department store will have the opportunity to learn about the origins of European Flax-Linen and its innovative, creative qualities. From finding out how the plant is grown and processed to its unique functional properties, customers will be plunged into an inspiring world where Flax-Linen is centre stage.

A giant wave composed of Flax fibres will welcome
visitors to the Alliance pop-up display

This eye-catching Pop Art wave forms a
stunning backdrop for unforgettable photo
opportunities. This highly creative, content-worthy installation is designed to catch people's attention when they visit the department store. They can throw a shaka on the Alliance's big wave, riding a Flax-Linen composite surfboard! A great way to create fun images to share on social media !

Femme en robe de lin écrue Alliance - Nouta Kiaïe

Let yourself be seduced by
the refinement of European Linen during the
Cap à l'Ouest operation!

An exclusive selection of Flax-Linen products

Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp is inviting department stores' customers to “surf the flax wave”. The department store's Agora area will be offering an exclusive selection of linen products from throughout the shop. Customers will be able to treat themselves to linen items such as clothing, home accessories and much more.

Lin Europeen draps femme Alliance - Nouta Kiaïe

Customers will be swept away by the sensory experience of linen, a plant-based material. From Isabel Marant creations such as the ‘Zewel’, ‘Koldi’ or ‘Klawia’ linen T-shirts, emblazoned with the famous Parisian designer's logo, to the ‘Rodeo’ linen T-shirt by Iro (available in white, black, beige or blue), they will succumb to the summer spirit of linen.

The Jodhpur - Galeries Lafayette collection is an oasis of freshness in its own right, with plain blue or striped shirts for a relaxed getaway, and shorts or striped ‘Jacinta’ trousers for nonchalant elegance. They'll also be on trend with a selection of linen garments from Danish fashion brand Samsøe Samsøe, where the authenticity of the material is revealed in every detail. Finally, the colourful chèches (scarves) from Galeries Lafayette finish off a look with a touch of sophistication and dynamism.

Customers can plunge into an ocean of style with the selection of textiles for the home to infuse their interiors with the beautiful creativity of Linen. The Libeco brand is in the spotlight, with a palette of shimmering colours. So it's easy to imagine sumptuous dinners with placemats in delicate shades such as ‘Flax’ and ‘Pacific’, complemented by tablecloths that bring a timeless touch of elegance to the table. Equally beautiful, the brand's napkins provide an unparalleled touch of sophistication with their elegant colours. To complete their Linen decor, customers can discover the brand's pillowcases and cushions, as well as the essential beauty pouches in matching shades.

With its ‘Piana’ and ‘Palma’ checked tote bags, available in citrus, flax, gold or celadon, Haomy takes them on a visual journey through soothing shades.
They'll continue their exploration with Pomax, whose two-in-one plaids and tablecloths come in yellow and beige, yellow and white or green and white, to create a warm atmosphere that awakens the spirit.

A limited-edition beach towel and bag

A must for fashion lovers, the pop-up area will also have exclusive Love Linen products, such as a beach towel and bag made from 100% certified European Flax™ as well as the book Flax-Linen, fibre of civilisation(s), a collective work that was published last October, which provides a unique insight into the history of the humble Flax plant and its fine fibres.

The fashion pieces in Agora's Linen selection reveal all the authenticity of the plant fibre, while the decorative accessories add a touch of style to contemporary interiors. This selection of textiles for the home invites ‘beau bazar’ customers to draw inspiration from the rich textures and studied colours of linen to transform their ‘home sweet home’ into a space where comfort and refinement reign supreme.

A locally grown resource that draws on unique expertise

Today, Western Europe is the world's leading producer of Flax-Linen, accounting for 75% of global production. In 2023, Flax growers in Western Europe produced 150,000 hectares of Flax, representing an increase of 130% over a 10-year period (from 2010 to 2020). This is the result of a unique set of skills and expertise, as the entire European Flax production and processing chain – comprising farmers, scutchers, spinners and weavers – is located in Europe.

The European Flax™ certification is the guarantee of traceability for premium quality flax fibres grown in western fibres grown in western Europe for all end uses. A plant fibre, produced through integrated crop management farming, without irrigation (barring exceptional circumstances) or GMOs.

Culture d'un champ de lin Alliance - P. Sagnes
Mannequin portant chemise Lin Alliance - Nouta Kiaïe

Les différentes propriétés de la fibre de Lin

En sensibilisant le public aux propriétés fonctionnelles et environnementales du Lin, Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp mise sur l'importance de cette ressource naturelle qu’est le Lin en vue d’une prise de conscience collective

Flax-Linen has many functional properties* as a fabric and technical material.
This plant-based fibre provides thermoregulation, breathability and moisture absorption properties, and also has a positive influence on sleep. In addition, Flax-Linen's technical characteristics - such as rigidity and lightness, sound-insulation and vibrationabsorption properties – make it a highly sought-after material for use in a wide range of applications: in the textile industry, product and interior design, sports and leisure, transport, boating, etc.
*All these properties have been proven and verified by scientific studies.

Flax-Linen also has environmental properties.
(CSR). Among these, it is a locally produced and traceable fiber; a renewable resource from certified seeds; it is cultivated without irrigation (from sowing to harvesting); it helps to preserve the soil and is ethically produced.

Flax is one of the oldest plants cultivated by humans, particularly grown in a specific part of Western Europe covering part of France (Normandy, Ile-de-France, Hauts de France), Belgium and the Netherlands. It is commonly said that Flax-Linen production stretches along a broad coastal strip from Caen to Amsterdam. Indeed, this area benefits from a temperate climate, which is ideal for growing Flax, the plant from which Linen fabric is produced. Like Flax-Linen, the Cap à l'Ouest event, at what is referred to as the most Parisian of department stores, reflects the beauty of the Western European landscapes. The Love Linen campaign provides a unique opportunity to discover and appreciate the diverse uses and versatility of European Flax-Linen. The event also places the spotlight on sustainable development and encourages customers to consume in a socially responsible way. A campaign dedicated entirely to Flax-Linen during the Cap à l'Ouest event at the BHV Marais department store, in partnership with the Alliance.

Love Linen - Cap à l'Ouest BHV Marais

Cap à l’Ouest, from 18th of mai to 23td of june 2024,
BHV Marais, 52 rue de Rivoli 75004 Paris

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