How to take care of your linen sofa

Linen is a fabric that we have used in our living spaces through the ages whose appeal does not wane. Linen upholstery and covers are beautiful, comfortable and remain robust over time. A linen-covered couch is the optimum choice when looking for chic and beautiful furniture.

Linen sofa care
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Why choose linen upholstery?

A fabulous linen-covered couch adds a refined touch to a thoughtfully furnished space. You will find linen included in the most beautiful interiors, where it is synonymous with comfort and aesthetics. Linen can be adapted to multiple decorative styles: chic, neo-rustic, contemporary, and more besides. The way linen fabric feels to the touch is also unforgettable, since over time the material becomes softer, which is both relaxed and elegant.

The appearance and quality of the linen-covered couch explain its growing presence in the chicest surroundings. Resistant to dirt, available in both neutral and bold colours, linen upholstery is a natural fit in any luxurious interior.

Protecting outstanding products

Linen-upholstered and covered couches are authentic, quality products. Most of the time, the fabric is produced by passionate experts, who are striving to create exceptional textiles. Their extraordinary expertise acquired over decades allows them to create linen fabric with an increasing variety of finishes and colours to satisfy diverse tastes.

Like all sofas that are used by the whole family, friends and sometimes even pets, linen upholstery and covers can sometimes fall victim to dust, cat hair or stains. But the advantage of linen upholstery is its resistance to these kinds of small, everyday accidents.

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A light dusting

The impressive qualities of linen covered furniture does not mean that it should never be dusted. Upholstery can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner, preferably with a brush attachment. This helps remove animal hair and dust, while avoiding the appearance of marks on the couch. Some appliances are equipped with a brush specifically designed for fabric-covered furniture.

The way in which linen upholstery is woven makes it more impervious to dust which does not settle as easily as on other materials (cotton, polyester, etc.). People with sensitive skin can relax on a linen-covered sofa as the flax fibres from which the fabric is made soften over time offering unparalleled comfort.

What to look for in your choice of sofa covering

The first way to feel confident in your choice of linen upholstery or covers is to pay attention to the quality of the fabric. This helps limit future issues or the risk of shrinkage when the covers are washed for the first time. 

For this reason, it is better to opt for sofas that have good quality linen covers or upholstery made in Europe by skilled and preferably certified producers. In addition, European flax-linen contains plant fibres produced through agricultural practices that respect the environment, without the need for irrigation* or GMOs. For premium quality, look for furnishing fabrics that have also been woven in Europe from European-spun yarns.
*except in exceptional circumstances

Stain removal

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Since staining can be caused by a variety of substances, each stain type requires a singular approach. The only essential is to use a cloth in the process. If your linen couch has a light stain, it can potentially be scraped off when dry. If the stain is still wet, it is better to wipe or blot the linen with a damp cloth until removed - test on a non-visible part of the fabric before starting the cleaning operation.

For non-greasy dirt and food stains, a small amount of Marseille soap (or a similar gentle, non-biological soap) can be used on a damp cloth. Gently rub the stain with the cloth. Then pat dry with a clean, dry cloth.

A stain remover may also be used, as long as it is chosen with care. The use of very abrasive products is not advised as they can cause discoloration of the fabric. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is best to test the product on a less-visible part of the furniture, such as the back of a cushion or the inside of an armrest. 

Take care when washing

Hand wash or machine wash?

Linen sofa covers are best machine washed. Use the delicate cycle with a maximum temperature of 30°C and a minimum spin cycle. Tumble drying could damage the covers - it’s best to let them air dry. 

What about dry cleaning?

In most cases, professional cleaning is recommended. Especially when the cover cannot be removed or has difficult-to-clean stains such as grease or red wine. Read online reviews for dry cleaners and other professional cleaning specialists before making your choice.

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