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11 July 2023

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The linen industry is full of committed professionals. Motivated by different goals, all of them contribute to the growth of linen as a premium textile in the global marketplace. Learn about the players in the textile for interior decoration.

Embrin linen sofa
copyright Embrin D. Morganti

How do brands and manufacturers work with linen in decoration?

Some publishing and interior design brands are particularly fond of linen fabrics. These professionals rely on a combination of creativity and technique to create a wide range of fabric designs using linen. Patterns, colours, textures and fabric types, all of these details are meticulously defined by fabric editeurs specialising in fabric for the home, office and more. With an endless number of possible combinations, innovation is very important in their work. Not to mention the available weaving techniques, which further increase the number of possible outcomes.

Some of them, like the brands Secrets Of Linen (European Flax™certified) or Textile No. by Karin Carlander which work from their own studios and place great emphasis on the artistic process: they create their own designs, they develop their own patterns, colours, work on new material selection, etc.

Contemporary linen rug copyright Secrets of Linen

How are linen fabrics for home decor made?

Let's take a quick look at how linen fabrics for interior decoration are made.
As with ready-to-wear, looms are the machines used to transform yarns into fabrics. There are several ways of weaving linen. The way in which the two threads are interwoven determines the final result. Depending on the weight, texture, etc., they are more likely to be used for interior decoration.

The weaver can be creative, since it is possible to assemble flax yarns or mix them with other textile materials (cotton, wool, etc.) to obtain more elaborate fabrics that can be interpreted in a variety of ways by the textile industry. Whatever type of weave is envisaged, linen adapts easily because its fibres are flexible.

Overview of the added value by manufacturers right up to decorative linen products

Tissus Martinelli Ginetto italy copyright Martinelli Ginetto

The Martinelli Ginetto group

A member of the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp

The Martinelli Ginetto group (European Flax™ and Masters of Linen™ certified) has been expanding in the textile industry in Italy since 1974. A member of the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp, the Martinelli Ginetto group allows the charm and refined spirit of Italian designers to shine through.
The company has also taken the linen route through the brand Kohro (Masters of Linen™ certified) for its home decor fabrics in favour of a woven linen that is always fresh and elegant.

Plaid Libeco copyright Libeco


European FlaxTM and Masters of Linen™ certified

Head for Belgium where Libeco (European Flax™ and Masters of Linen™ certified) has been active in the textile industry for over a century. It is well known for its Master Of Linen certified household linen : a guarantee of high-quality, locally-produced linen. Libeco also boasts over 160 years of expertise, which is channelled towards producing textiles in line with the company’s eco-friendly values.

Lapuan Kankurit linen tablecloth copyright Lapuan Kankurit

Lapuan Kankurit

Masters of Linen™ certified

Lapuan Kankurit (Masters of Linen™ certified) is another fabric producer who is a member of the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp. It is in this Finnish company’s DNA to produce sustainable fabrics such as linen.

This family-run company, focused on continuing development, is led by a fourth generation of weavers. The artisans are full of positive energy, which they channel into their creations.

Linen fabric manufacturers offer their production ability to brands specialising in fabrics for the interiors sector. This value chain, which is particularly interesting and unique to the linen sector, allows the final consumer to furnish their home with an on-trend selection of products made by companies committed to respecting the environment.

Les autres pièces en lin pour la maison

Linen fabrics for interior decoration are not the only linen products available for home... Some Alliance members have their own brands and offer linen products that bring a touch of linen to interiors.

Linen Bassols tablecloth copyright Bassols
Klaskine linen combination fabric copyright Klasikine
Lin intérieur copyright BeStitch

First, there is the Portuguese company BeStitch (European Flax™ certified), which offers a collection of sheets, pillowcases and linen accessories which put floral patterns in the spotlight; a rich and warm composition in earthy, ochre and red tones. Products made to brighten the decor in a bedroom or living room.

Bassols (European Flax™certified), a Spanish company that is a member of the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp, is selling a wide selection of linen accessories for the home. There is a vast array of choices: tablecloths, napkins and kitchen and bath towels, table runners, and of course sheets and duvet and pillow covers for the bedroom.

Lithuanian company Klasikine (European Flax™ certified) offers a similarly wide range of products for the home, in neutral tones.

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