Arketex: a linen alternative to plasterboard

11 July 2023

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A company from Mulhouse in eastern France has decided to carve out its own path among existing coverings in the construction industry by proposing an alternative to plasterboards. Founded in 2019, Arketex creates textiles designed to cover walls and ceilings.

Arketex Arkelin
copyright Arketex

A company from Alsace

Proud of its Alsatian origins, Arketex is based in Mulhouse. Its cofounders Hervé Munck and Serge Weibel wanted to locate the company in what was the centre of textiles and textile printing in the 18th and 19th centuries. Thanks to its expertise in designing and producing eco-friendly fabric coatings, it is often the company of choice in architecture operating somewhere between decoration and construction.

At the same time, its vast distribution network allows it to supply all of France with technical solutions for stretch walls and ceilings. Finally, its wide range of unique 100% Arketex linen products have given it regional and national recognition.

Stretched canvas for interior decoration

A viable alternative to plasterboard, stretch walls and ceilings made by Arketex are both an eco-friendly and innovative solution.
Every year, more and more Arketex flax walls and ceilings are installed in France!

Construction: a vision committed to sustainable practices

Aware of environmental issues, the company chose to produce textile coverings using European flax. Much less energy-intensive than creating plasterboard, the Arketex flax textile alternative also helps reduce waste.

A vision that is also aesthetically appealing

In striving to always be more creative and innovative, Arketex develops products that are easy to install, user-friendly, and also extremely stylish.

A diverse range of products

One of the strengths of the solutions offered by Arketex is that they can be adapted to all interiors and to all client expectations. From the “classic” Arketex stretched linen fabric to all kinds of prints, the company provides a wide and diverse range of all of its products.

A textile innovation for sector professionals

Auditorium Mulhouse - Arkelin Acoustique copyright Arketex

Arketex shows at many professional construction trade shows and, beyond their aesthetics, are aimed at internal designers and decorators in the sector. This is an opportunity for these experts to discover the brand’s newest products.

Since they do not require any additional room heating to be installed, Arketex fabrics for walls and ceilings have numerous advantages for property owners. Their installation is simple, clean, and fast.

Just like plasterboard, Arketex linen coverings include all the technical elements necessary for the insulation or sealing of a wall or ceiling. These are then characterised by a flat, seamless appearance.

The strengths of Arketex: the properties of unique and original high-quality textiles

Lighting up a dark space
With its many environmental and stylistic properties, Arketex was able to develop a variety of qualities necessary for success. One of these has to do with unique lighting. Thanks to the properties of the textile itself as well as the creativity of its technical team, the brand was able to build a source of light into the product. By offering up a light source coming from the flax wall and/or ceiling, Arketex has a leg up compared with competitors. Unlike plasterboard, this ability helps light up a room, even when installed in a small, dark space.

Sound absorption
When it comes to acoustics, Arketex offers a wide range of textiles with sound absorbing qualities. Available in a variety of colours, these acoustic textile products are also extremely easy to install.

Arkelin: the latest addition to the Arketex family

A new Arketex product, Arkelin is also part of the company’s efforts to protect the environment and emphasise its local character. With an entirely local manufacturing process, through the use of linen, and its weaving technique, the latest addition has a number of outstanding properties.

Arketex Arkelin copyright Arketex

One of these helps address environmental challenges, since flax fibre requires zero irrigation, barring exceptional circumstances. Similarly, the 100% French short supply chain, from flax growing to finished product, helps boost the profile of this company committed to sustainable practices.

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