Future Fabrics Expo - Londres : le Lin européen certifié s’expose

24 June 2024

  • Linen

The Future Fabrics Expo trade show offers sustainable solutions to fashion brands seeking to redefine responsible sourcing and low-impact materials. The Alliance took part for the second year running: a look back at the event...

The event raises awareness among companies and organisations to inform their sustainable development strategies. With their yarns and materials, the spinners and weavers represented by the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp are well placed to attract the sustainability and sourcing professionals attending the show.

European Flax certified as a force for change in sustainable transition

Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp is showcasing the creative and technical expertise an innovations of its member spinners and weavers, all of whom are
European Flax™ certified, via its shared space.

All materials presented at Future Fabrics Expo are paired with verified and educational information explaining why these materials are sustainable and desirable materials.

In addition to featuring certified European Flax™ and Masters of Linen™ materials, the Alliance is also showcasing all the proven environmental and functional textile and technical properties of European Flax-Linen.

By working with natural plant fibre textiles such as
European Flax-Linen, the fashion industry can
become a driving force for change.

European Flax™
The guarantee of traceability for premium quality Flax fibres grown in western Europe for all end uses. A plant fibre produced through integrated crop management farming, without irrigation (barring exceptional circumstances) or GMOs.

Masters of Linen™
The guarantee of traceability for Linen made by European companies in Europe and Euromed 1 sites. A textile of excellence, local at all stages: from the vegetal European Flax™ fibre, to yarn and fabric.

Future Fabrics Expo

Future Fabrics Expo is a trade event created by Sustainable Angle, a not-for-profit organisation based in London. To date, Future Fabrics Expo is the world's largest trade show with the aim of inspiring the industry and showcasing the best sustainability-focused material options throughout the supply chain.

Located in a new and larger location in the Future Fabrics Expo, the Alliance booth offers an interactive knowledge-sharing space that highlights the diversity and creativity of
European Flax™ and Masters of Linen™ fabrics.

As an agro-creative organisation, the Alliance promotes European Flax grown in Western Europe, more specifically in France - Ile de France and Hauts de France – and also in Belgium and the Netherlands. This very specific area accounts for three quarters of the world's Flax production. This makes it possible to promote the high-quality production with the certifications of origin created by the Alliance. As the fashion and textile industries are among the most polluting in the world, Sustainable Angle devotes its activities to this issue, suggesting ways in which companies can improve, notably through solutions presented at the Future Fabrics Expo.It brings together more than 10,000 companies in 16 European certifications.

Western Europe is the world's leading producer of Flax-Linen fibre (France, Belgium and the Netherlands account for three quarters of this production).
The Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp has a triple mission: to inform members, brands and consumers, to support the European ecosystem and expertise, and to promote European Flax-Linen and Hemp globally as preferred sustainable, premium fibres.
The technical and environmental qualities of these plant fibres are inspiring designers around the world and are opening new prospects for industrial innovation. It guarantees the traceability of Flax-Linen fibre through the European Flax™ and Masters of Linen™ certifications.

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