Flax-Linen stands out at the Hyères Festival with Igor Dieryck and his three Fashion Prizes

16 October 2023

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Chaired by fashion designer Charles de Vilmorin, young talent Igor Dieryck won three Fashion Prizes at the 38th Hyères Fashion Festival.

Igor Dieryck Flax-Linen Talent Hyeres Festival

A graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, 24-year-old Igor Dieryck won three prizes in the Fashion category with his "Yessir" collection, presented at the Festival International de Mode, de Photographie et d’Accessoires d'Hyères.

  • Grand prix du jury Première Vision,
  • Le 19M Arts and Crafts Prize (Chanel),
  • City of Hyères Public Prize.
Look Lin Hyères Igor Dieryck

After an internship at Acne Studio and currently working for Hermès as a junior designer, 24-year-old Igor Dieryck has presented a collection inspired by the characters you meet in hotel lobbies. A place where he worked as a receptionist when he was student.

The young talent told the media outlet Fashion United: "I think that in fashion, the product has to please, but so does the story that goes with it". Among the models with "fun details", as Fashion United points out, are little jackets with "bell" lines, high-waisted trousers and oversized jeans hung over a top of dress trousers.

The designer explains his approach to the online media, revisiting the codes of the uniform by hijacking them: "I took fairly clear references from the world of hotels, and I also realised the importance of the uniform. Uniforms have real power.
He adds: "For me, it's important that the garment remains desirable and wearable. My real pleasure is playing with tailoring. I'm a mathematician at heart, so after my experiments with materials, I do a lot of flat work with the different pattern fabrics."

Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp has invited the finalists of the Hyères Festival to the Linen Dream Lab, its showroom in Paris. It's an invaluable opportunity for emerging fashion designers to develop their creativity through Flax-Linen, and also to learn about the richness and innovative textile properties of this fabric.

So, to assert his Belgian identity and promote his country and its know-how, Igor Dieryck wanted to work with local partners for his collection presented in Hyères. Among the local materials considered, linen "was an obvious choice". It's an eco-responsible, local material, with a wide range of creative uses.

The partnership with the Alliance for European Flax and Hemp enabled him to collaborate with Belgian Flax-Linen producer Libeco, a member of the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp, with whom he wanted to work for a long time. The designer incorporated Flax-Linen in the form of various details and yokes in some of the looks he presented at the festival.

Promising talents for Flax-Linen

Two other victories for European Flax-Linen at the Festival International de Mode, de Photographie et d’Accessoires d'Hyères:

  • Victor Salinier (France) won the Hermès Prize for Fashion Accessories, promoted by the luxury saddler since 2020, as well as the People's Choice Award.
  • Christiane Schwambach (Germany) won the Special Mention from the Fashion Accessories jury, as well as the Public Prize - Ville de Hyères (Fashion Accessories).

The other award-winning designers in Hyères

The other winners of the 38th Hyères International Fashion, Photography and Accessories Festival are :

Fashion & Accessories

  • Petra Fagerstrom (Sweden), Eco-Responsible Collection Prize and "Atelier des matières" Prize,
  • Gabrielle Huguenot (France), Grand Jury Prize for Accessories with "Les fleurs artificielles ont besoin d'eau, encore (Artificial flowers still need water)".


  • Kin Coedel - Public Prize - City of Hyères (Photography),
  • Thaddé Comar - 7L Grand Jury Photography Prize,
  • Souleymane Bachir Diaw - American Vintage Photography Prize

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