Proposte Fair : the excellence of the Linen Weavers and Masters of Linen™ certified members

30 April 2024

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The prestigious European trade show Proposte in Italy is a showcase of excellence for European linen weavers and members of the Alliance certified Masters of Linen™ to present their new textile creations.

Linen: fabrics' collection for home decor and furnishing market, for curtains, carpets, wall coverings, home accessories and trimmings

The business-to-business event Proposte is taking place May 2-4, at Villa Erba in Cernobbio, near Lake Como.
This international trade show dedicated to top-end fabric producers highlights textile collections intended for the interior design and furnishing markets, for the production of curtains, upholstery, wall coverings, carpets, trimmings and home accessories.

With the latest trends confirming the increasing market share of Flax-Linen in collections, this prestigious European trade show constitutes a showcase of excellence enabling European Flax-Linen weavers and members of the Alliance who have been certified as Masters of Linen™ to present their new textile creations.

The event also puts them in direct contact with fabric editeurs, manufacturers of upholstered furniture and major international retailers, along with architecture and interior design studios. The Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp highlights the exceptional expertise of its members at its stand (Ala Lario, Serra Platani), with a selection of their European Linen fabrics, which have become more creative and desirable than ever.


Linen is perfectly at home with new ways of living

Sofas, armchairs and ottomans with 100% Linen upholstery, extravagant carpeting and the use of curtains as flexible partitions are redesigning
interiors. While comfort is intimate, it can also be experienced outdoors. Windows and bays, balconies and patios with no inside/outside demarcation: these
are all changing how we live. A single space can be compartmentalised. Private, warm and modular, blending work, rest and social life.

There are two ways to achieve this: curl up comfortably in refined roundness reminiscent of the 1970s and casually nestle into plump, enveloping armchairs and sofas with delight. Or living languidly, almost at floor level, draped - almost tossed - onto free-moving fabric that shimmers in the slightest breeze.

Linen is ideal for both lifestyles

On one hand, thick, hard-wearing fabrics are used for impeccable upholstery on sofas, armchairs and footstools, with tactile tone-on-tone patterns or soft velvets for neo-classical upholstery. In this warm atmosphere, the enlarged Jacquard weaves and geometric prints are displayed in curtains. Artistic stripes evoke the stylishly exotic.

On the other hand, Linen canvas and chambrays in bleached tones, sit between bohemian and rural moods. Rough, stonewashed Linen, for a comfortable, lived-in effect, brings a relaxed attitude borrowed from casualwear into the home. Half-tone designs, prettily faded flowers and softened checks inspire daydreams. Very light and delicate undulations, stripes inspired by shirting play with transparency, to filter the light.

Masters of Linen™ logo

Masters of Linen™

The Alliance has created two certifications dedicated to Linen: European Flax™ and Masters of Linen™, guaranteeing the origin of the fibre and its traceability in the value chain.

Masters of Linen™ guarantees the traceability of Linen processed by European companies at European and Euromed 1 sites.

A textile of excellence, local at every stage: from European Flax™ plant fibre to the yarn andfabric. The certification has increased: +28% from January 2020 to December 2023.
Currently 39 companies are Masters of Linen™ certified.

Proposte: Six exhibiting members of the Alliance with Linen in their DNA

While the show is giving pride of place to Linen, six members of the Alliance, certified Masters of Linen™, stand out due to their innovation and creativity.

B&T Textilia (Belgium)

With five generations of artisans who once made woollen suits and apparel fabrics, B&T Textilia's expertise is based on an authentic Flemish tradition of
The main strength of B&T Textilia, certified Masters of Linen™, lies in the elaborate blends of Linen with other materials in plays of texture. The company carefully controls each step of the process in order to guarantee the high quality of its exclusive top-end Jacquard and plain fabrics. Giving priority to appearance and feel, finishing is an expertise of this weaver, which embodies a passion for textiles in the furnishings sector.

Ala Cernobbio 40
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Deltracon​ (Belgium)

Founded in 1990, Deltracon is a family-owned weaving company that offers a
variety of high-end Linen fabrics for upholstery and trimmings.
Deltracon strives to ensure production is both ecological and fair while preserving
the cultural heritage of the Flax and Linen industry. The weaving and finishing of
its Linen fabrics and trimmings are carried out locally (in Belgium and Europe),
proof of a long tradition of expertise.
The company is recognised for its creativity in textiles: window dressings through
curtains and sheers constitutes its core business, upholstery, trimmings and fabrics
for bed and table linen complete the offer. Its expertise covers plain and dobby
fabrics, along with Jacquard and embroidered fabrics. The design team is
constantly researching new techniques: special dyes (tie-dye, dip dye, spray dye,
inkjet printing), various coatings, innovative shrinking and finishing effects and
stonewashing. In 2009, Deltracon purchased Flanders' Trimmings to produce high
quality trimmings and tiebacks. At the end of 2018, the company acquired the
company Van Maele along with its archives, which allowed Deltracon to enrich its
expertise and to produce even more complex patterns and wall coverings.

Ala Lario 33
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Lemaitre Demeestere (France)

Lemaitre Demeestere is a textile company founded in 1835. Located in Halluin,
in the Hauts de France region, it is one of the five oldest textile companies in
France. Lemaitre Demeestere is an acknowledged specialist in 100% Linen
weaving for high-end interior decoration and furnishing, in particular heavy Linen,
as well as for its incomparable expertise in offering a supple handle, and a patinated stonewashed finish. Noble and authentic, Linen requires top-notch expertise, as Linen weaving calls for precision and rigor, which cannot be improvised.
Since 2020, Lemaitre Demeestere became part of the NatUp’ cooperative group,
which also includes the wet spinning mill La French Filature. Labelled an
Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) for its unique and
superior expertise, 100% of its production takes place in its own factory, thus
preserving its Made in France know-how, while in 2023 it invested in new looms
and in R&D. Lemaitre Demeestere combines tradition, modernity and passion.

Padiglione Centrale 79
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Libeco (Belgium)

Libeco, a European leader, is the result of the merger of two Belgian weaving
companies: Libeert, founded in 1864, and Lagae, founded in 1858. From the outset,
the company has been based in Meulebeke, the historic flax-growing region near
the river Lys in Belgian Flanders. In 1955 Jean Libeert (4th generation) took the helm of the company, and built a modern factory, developing products with higher
added value. His vision led him to improve the performance of Linen weaving, targeting the American market in order to provide the company with new
Today, Raymond Libeert (5th generation) leads the group, which has integrated
Libeco whose main activity is Linen weaving, and Lambrecht dry-Linen spinning.
Linens are intended for all uses, household Linen, for decoration for editeurs,
clothing and technical uses; in all, this represents thousands of references.
The added value is expressed through a variety of weights, creative weaves,
innovative finishes and a highly-sought-after range of colours. The manufacturing
excellence has led to Libeco being appointed official supplier to the Belgian court
since 2006. The company has been certified carbon neutral since 2013.

Ala Lario 12 
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Martinelli Ginetto (Italy)

In 1891, Cavaliere del Lavoro Luigi Martinelli, born into a family of textile specialists in Val Gandino (Bergamo) created his weaving company, which has since become one of the best-known manufacturers in the sector.
From the 1960s, the company experienced sustained growth due to the successful
diversification of production, in particular the addition of Jacquard fabrics in the
1970s. Today, Martinelli Ginetto excels in three areas in which Flax-Linen
complements other fibres:
• Production of chenille and decorative yarns for upholstery, clothing and technical
• Production of Jacquard fabrics and double-width plain fabrics for furnishings,
bed and table Linen, for both the residential and hospitality sectors.
• Finishing of fine double-width fabrics, including flame-retardant treatments which remains an exclusive area of expertise: digital printing for panoramic textile wall-coverings.

Ala Cernobbio 49
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Nelen & Delbeke​ (Belgique)

The company Nelen & Delbeke was founded in 1923. It's a family weaving mill now
headed by fourth generation. It has in its new headquarters in Kruisem a weaving
facility that is continuously updated with the latest technologies in order to
anticipate market developments. It provides a wide range of exceptional products that stand out for their remarkable designs. With a comprehensive set of dobby and Jacquard looms, Nelen & Delbeke specialises in the production of different Linen qualities and blends, for furnishing, drapery and decorative accessories. The company sells its fabrics exclusively to editeurs and brands.

Nelen & Delbeke pays the utmost attention to the finishes, the tactile and sensory aspects, and the European origin of the Linen yarns it selects, to ensure its clients receive the best quality possible.

Ala Lario 04
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Linen Dream Lab: the Alliance's online Fabric Library

Presented on the Alliance stand at Proposte, more than 70 new listed references from the fabric samples of all members of the organisation can also be found on Linen Dream Lab: the online sourcing platform powered by the Alliance.
It's an exclusive space for lifestyle and fashion professionals. This digital tool enables to choose and find inspiring materials for creators, designers and brands for their next collections. Linen Dream Lab is a unique opportunity to source the perfect fabric or discover innovative materials. Besides, the platform offers direct contact with European weavers and spinners.

Linen Dream Lab Material Sourcing

New Alliance’s stand: creativity, naturalness of the fibre and authenticity

The Alliance’s new stand highlights the immense creative potential of its members.
The design of the Alliance’s new stand subtly combines Flax-Linen, Hemp and wood. Part of the design, realised using 100% bio-sourced panels, was developed in partnership with Alliance members specialising in composite materials: EcoTechnilin© for the Kairlin panels, and Bcomp© for the ampliTex™ and powerRibs™ panels.
Through the stand, the Alliance asserts its position: showcasing the various applications of Flax-Linen (composite panels, agricultural materials - straw, scutched fibre, combed fibre, Linen rope) so that its members’ new products can be seen in their best light and to enable visitors to get hands on with the different fabrics.

Proposte - 31st edition - International Trade Fair - Furnishing fabrics and Curtains
May 2-4, 2024
Villa Erba, Cernobbio - Italy
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